2014 Ford F150 3.5L Ecoboost, Rotella Gas Truck 5w30, 6.7k OCI

Mar 12, 2019
Ocala, FL
This truck has an mishimoto intercooler, 180tstat, 5* 93 octane tow tune, upgraded transmission cooler.

This OCI had approx 500 miles of towing trailers between 4k-7k.

Let me know your thoughts.

Edit: Oil filter was a Carquest Red R84502
0001 (1).jpg
Looks consistent and good. I wouldn't go much further though, based on TBN (although not always the best indicator especially from B/S Labs).
Looks like a good fit for your vehicle. Seems like you're right in the sweet spot for drain interval before falling out of viscosity.

Very interesting to see the side-by-side of RGT, Edge, Magnatec, and PP. It's a shame that RGT is becoming harder and harder to find, seems like it works really well in practice.
Thanks for all those U.O.A.s' . Using the R.G.T. 5w-30 ( S.N.+) for the '18 ACCENT with G.D.I.. Close to 5,000 miles and in use for about 7 months . The oil filter is the FRAM Ultra XG9688 .

Are all of those the S.N.+ ?
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solid results, nothing really out of the ordinary compared to your other runs. but judging by TBN its a sub 8k mile OCI kind of oil. for the price, assuming you got it on rebate, it did a fine job.