2009 Ford Ranger Coolant Question

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May 1, 2006
New Brunswick, Canada
Picked up my new Ranger last weekend, noticed on Thursday coolant was low about 2 cups, so while I was in Napa picking a serpentine belt for my ION and only having DEXCOOL around home I picked up a jug of their conventional green coolant(Ford Spec ESE-M97B-44-A), topped off the reservoir and thought nothing else of it. The local Ford parts guy is telling me it came with Ford's Premium Gold coolant in it. The coolant in the overflow tank was a bright green/chartreuse colour. NAPA had G-05 coolant but it was orange in colour figured it wasn't the same stuff so I didn't buy it, and with a new truck didn't want to use a Universal Coolant. Do I need to drain the system flush it and put in Ford's Premium Gold Coolant or leave it be?
If you really only put 2 cups in then you should be fine. I would flush out the system in 3 years/50K. I think Zerex g-05 is the stuff you want since around here the Ford Premium Gold costs as much as real gold.
Are they compatible? I chnge coolant every 2 years anyway regardless of what the recommeded interval is, the last 3 cars I owned were Saturns so I always used DEXCOOL without any issues thus far. If the Ford Premium Gold plays ok with the Napa green stuff then I'll leave it alone.
My ION put the low coolant light within the first week of owning it, hasn't used a drop in 97K kms, figured an air buble in system that worked it way out in both cases. No leaks found on the new truck, can't smell coolant around it either.
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Green before or after? Has Ford changed coolants? My 06 came with G05 from the factory. I wouldn't worry about losing 2 cups. My Ranger and Escape has did the same since new, probably cup or two every 10-20k or so. I usually just top it off with distilled water.
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