2007 Focus

Oct 8, 2021
Southwest Virginia
I have a 2007 Focus 2.0 bought new in August of 2006. This is by far the most trouble free vehicle I have ever owned. Just crossed 180,000 miles and the oil is always on the full mark. OCI’s of 5,000 miles. First 35,000, Motorcraft 5w20. At 35,000 switched to NAPA (Valvoline) 5w20 full syn as by best friend owns a NAPA store and every few months they have really good prices on the full syn. Always used Motorcraft FL-910S filters. On a whim, I bought 5w20 Super Tech full syn for the 175,000 change. When I changed it at 180,000, the oil out looked about the cleanest of any used oil I ever took out. In the past, it was always pretty black, but the Super Tech did not look very dark. Could it be that the Super Tech does not clean the engine as well as the NAPA? Or just my imagination?
Jan 4, 2016
Certain additives change the color of the oil with heat cycles. So while previous oil looked darker, it doesn't mean it was dirtier.
There is a video floating somewhere where the guy used nothing but Supertech conventional oil in his Toyota Yaris, and after 150k+ miles it was still clean. Also there are many people on this forum who use Supertech, and their engines are clean as well under valve covers. So I highly doubt that Supertech Full Synthetic isn't cleaning something out. On other hand there were also some cases where owners used only premium oils (Mobil 1, Castrol Edge, Amsoil), but their engines were at same level of cleanliness, some better, some worse. OCI length is more important than marketing claims of premium oils. Some people do 5k OCI with Supertech and engines stay clean, others go with premium oils and extend their OCI, then wonder why there is varnish and minor sludge buildup.
With all this being said - I go with Mobil1 0W40 and 5k OCI in all vehicles I own and vehicles I maintain for the family members. (including liquid-cooled scooter, but shorter OCI due to 20oz oil capacity)


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