2006 Chrysler 300 Limited

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Feb 6, 2009
I have this car with dual climate control, Today turn on the heat heat and one side is ice cold other side is hot both temp control knobs are on high. Look on the internet some say its the heat blend door actuator but the sir comes out where ever you point the knob too ie: floor defrost etc. any ideas ?
Don't know about a Chrysler 300 specifically, but on many vehicles the blend door is an electric motor while the vent selection is vac based. This means where the air comes out doesn't necessarily mean anything. Again none of my info is Chrysler 300 specific. I'd tear the dash down to the blend door for the side that isn't working right, pull the electrical plug and confirm it's getting power when it should change state with the dash controls. Could be wiring, more likely motor, or the door shaft could have broken off. Doorman makes replacement doors for some vehicles and depending on how it needs to be pulled out, might have a repair kit that's usually just including some foil tape to hold it together if it has to be cut to pull the blend door out.
First confirm that the cooling system is full before tearing anything down. The control panel and motor system should have a self test mode.
There's likely multiple electric motors, and the temperature one for the cold side is bad. My grandparent's Trailblazer basically does the same thing. But when we need heat I just turn off the drivers side vents manually and point the passenger ones over toward the drivers side. Works good enough.
Thanks thinking yes it may be a bad motor,and yes it is full of antifreeze.
Problem solved Had to re calibrate the climate control unit, took it out and unplugged the unit wait 30 seconds and plug back in worked, dealer will do it for you with a star scan tool, reading on internet found a way around it one win for consumer!
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