2006 Acura TSX Buying Advice

Dec 28, 2016
Looking at a 06 TSX navigation with 200K, in quite good condition cosmetically and less than $2000. Needs tires, brakes and some TLC. Radio doesn't work, so as the clock and temperature view - right above the navigation. All the controls are working. Does anyone know what could be the issue for the clock and temperature view not showing up? I love the car and will probably pull the trigger, but just being realistic and asking if fixing above issues can add up quick? Thanks for all the help thumbsup
Might not be what you want to hear but I would not pull the trigger on the deal. Don't ask me why but it just doesn't seem pass the sniff test. Too much mileage and probably a lot of nagging little issues. Put your 2 grand into another vehicle. Good luck.
$2,000 is a good price if it looks and runs good even with those miles. Transmission would be the biggest concern. Clock and temp aren't something worth fixing on something like that unless you get lucky and it turns out to be a fuse.
Listen to it on a cold start for engine rattle, watch for oil smoke out the tail pipe. K24's are good but known to burn oil and stretch timing chains.
You know you got brakes and tires to do. Do you know the owner or have the service records? How many previous owners? Have you done a car fax? I'd try and get a little more info. Hey, for 2K and add 1K for tires and brakes you'd be in decent shape. I like tinkering and fixing up old girls. I'd go for it.
$2K is not a lot for a 2006 TSX unless it's a beater. Our 2006 has $195K and is perfect. With proper service, I see another 50K to 100K. If the body and interior are good, you like the car and you can work on it, I say go for it. Brakes are easy; do a flush when you are down there. Service the transmission right away. All good!
Carfax is clean, 2nd owner and have some maintenance records as well as things show up on the car history. Transmission has been serviced by the dealer around 100K, so not really concerned since hopefully not the factory fill! I'll probably have to overlook on the clock and temp issues, was hoping might be a simple fix.
Add in about $100 in compliance bushings (If you do the work yourself and have tools, or add another $90 if you buy the tool) if they've not been done. By 200k they're shot and will start chewing up your brand new tires.
The radio PCB is probably bad. Somewhat common on 1st gen TSX. You can search the acurazine tsx or tsxclub forums for posts on how to replace. I replaced the board in my wife's 2004 TSX back in 2015, but I think the parts is now discontinued. There isn't really any go-to double DIN dash kit if you want to go aftermarket. The Metra kit gets pretty bad reviews.
If they serviced the trans at the dealer it shows they at least did some maintenance. If it runs and drives okay then $2000 is a fair deal. Around here it's hard to find any car for that price that isn't falling apart.
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I sold a 2010 TSX Tech that had good tires, good brakes, and perfect maintenance history with 240,000 miles a few months ago for 2750.
I was looking for a nice little commuter car two years ago and all the TSXs (manual of course) I saw were priced at $5k-10k. Nothing cheap and good. I ended up getting a Volvo S40 for quite a bit less than any of the TSXs I saw. $2k for a good car with an interior and exterior in good shape is a bargain to me. Learn about the self-serve junkyards in your area and you may be able to find all the little stuff you need to get it to 100%. IMO, if the car runs good and looks good, you should invest a bit and fix it up.