2001 honda civic ??

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Sep 3, 2005
Royal Oak MI.
Hi guys, I just picked up a 2001 Honda civic lx (1.7 sohc) 1 owner car,150,000 miles. I took it to mechanic before buying and checked out great. No leaks nothing. Original owner said he has used pennzoil yellow bottle every 5,000 since new. I get it home, put new plugs, changed the oil with maxlife red bottle 5w20. 300 miles into oil change I see small leak develop. Was bone dry before. I rechecked drain plug and filter, all tight no double gasket. Im confused. Should I drain this out and go back to penzz. Yellow bottle. And should I stick with 5w20 or step up to 5w30. Does not burn oil either. Sorry for such a long post. Just a bit worried. Thanks all.
I'm thinking the max life probably cleaned something and now you have a leak. You should be able to leave it in there but keep an eye on your level.
Last time you asked this question the previous owner used Quaker State green bottle. Maybe the previous owner wasn't being straight with you about the maintenance history.

Where is the leak coming from? Find out and budget money to fix the seal or if the leak is small monitor and top up oil as needed
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Ya he said it was penn. Yellow bottle not qs green bottle. Im just worried if I did the wrong thing and maybe should have stuck with the dino penn. So far I have about 1,000 miles on the max life. Thank you all for the input, you all are of SOOO much help..
PBY and that D17 is a match made in heaven.

I would not worry about that small leak, you'll get another 300K miles out of that engine.
Stick with 5w20. Those non timing chain engines (D17) are soooo easy on oil.
My 83 year oil dad no longer drives and I now own his 2005 Civic with the same engine as your 2001. Any brand dino will do just fine.

Check your gas pedal cable as these have lots of slack from the factory, its easy to adjust the tension.
Yes I did change the washer. Thanks for the thought. You guys and this site are so helpfull. I thank you all so much for the input. I am excited to see how many miles this civic can go for. Just want the best oil poss. For my driving needs. More city than highway, 10 miles to work,10 home every day. Freezing winter upon us. Think I will gibe the penn.yb a shot.
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