2001 Honda Accord 6 Cylinder AC Issue

Dec 28, 2016
Need a bit of help and input for an AC issue, where we are trying to recharge AC.

Pressure gauge is showing two values, mostly stays at 18-20 PSI, then goes up to about 75 PSI and drops down immediatley to 18-20 PSI.

Whole cycle is taking about 30-40 secs.

Is it normal cycle or it needs a charge? AC and fans at maximum are blowing hot air. Thanks for any help.
Id say it's low so the low pressure switch is cutting it off. But you don't have a high side pressure listed
Just based off the low side 18-20 psi i would say its low on refrigerant. What was the ambient temperature?
Low on refrigerant. Cycling can be more rapid due to that. IF you add refrigerant, purge the line so you don't add air and moisture to the system.

You do need a reading from real gauges, not the gauge on the can.