2000 GMC 5.7 won't start after rain

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Dec 26, 2006
Tampa, Florida
My friend's 2000 GMC 350 V8, 85,000 miles, won't start after heavy rain. This morning there was no spark at the plugs. Plugs, wires, cap and rotor were replaced 8,000 miles ago. We finally got it started today by warming the cap and coil with a hair dryer. I can find no corrosion on the connectors or plug wire terminals. Anyone have experience like this? Suggestions would be appreciated.
Does the cap come with the coil on it or, does it get transfered to the new cap? cause it sounds like the coil is grounding out with high humidity, confirmed by you heating it up.
The coil is separate from the cap. It is not a typical cylindrical coil, rather it looks like a conventional transformer. It mounts on the intake and has a coil wire and low voltage connector both of which looked clean and dry. Sometime ago, I thought I had seen a Chev/GMC TSB for the rear hood seal that was allowing moisture onto the rear of the engine, but couldn't find it.
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