2.4L Engine oil question

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May 31, 2004
I quick lube put 5qts of m1 in his 2.4l grand am, 2001. Is this going to be a problem?? I am pretty sure the car takes 4 qts. Is this overfilled to a dangerous point? should a quart be pulled?? Thanks.
Yes, not good to leave overfilled. Can get whipped up by the crank. Air bubbles don't lubricate.

Check with the dipstick first, and drain as necessary. Take it back to the Jiffy Lube.
You hang here and you took your car to a quick lube???

1 qt may be a problem....but where does the dipstick register? I don't have a problem in some cars being up a 1/2 qt or so from nominal...but a 4 banger 1 qt up....seems like a lot.

What does the owner's manual say for volume?
I do my own changes. I live in apartments where you cant change it yourself, so i go to my gf's and use her driveway. This 2.4L engine is in my friends pontiac grand am, he also lives in the same town houses as me. Well, he had no place to change it, so we bought the oil and had sears put it in for $10. Thing is, they put down that it was a v6 3.4, when in fact it was a 2.4 4 cyl. The dip stick reads about half way above the full line, or reads around another half a quart. Im pretty possitive this isnt nearly enough extra oil to cause any problem. I just wanted to make sure, this isnt my car, and this is my friends first synthetic change, as i talked him into doing it. the car has 43k miles on it, and was well maintained. Anyway, i am sure its fine. Thanks for your help.
I have the same engine in my 97. The capacity is 4 quarts for an "oil change" 4.5 quarts for a oil + filter change. So really it's only .5 quarts over. Probably nothing to worry about.

Capacity is four quarts plus filter, so around 4.5

You'll have no problems being a 1/2 quart over.

Leave it be...
Thanks guys, i will leave it as it is. I just didnt want to make a problem, being that it took me a long time to convince my friend to use synthetic in the first place. Now that this is his first oil change with m1, i would HATED there to be any problem that would make him think it was M1 realated. He doesnt know much about oil, and it took me a long time to explain and convince him this was for the better.

Anyway, thanks for all the help, im sure he will do very well with his synthetic.
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