1ZZ-FE with 204k miles switch to synthetic motor oil?

St. Charles County, Missouri
Hate to mention this cause it's very preliminary. My 17 Soul pushing 80k was burning a quart of VWB every 3000 miles or so. Didn't really bother me and didn't notice it with ST high mileage. I've noticed Valvoline Daily Protection to burn down a bit on a number of cars. Tried MMO and didn't notice any improvement. Rislone high mileage however ( after about 700 miles, way too early) seems to have stopped oil burning. We'll see how it does in the next thousand miles before I drop it.
Muncie, Indiana
What's really any better about
is this conventional or a blend?

Supertech does not specify, but Warren's own MAG1 brand calls their high mileage product, which I assume is the same a synthetic blend, although what's the reall difference between a conventional and a syn blend, couldn't you theoretically have a better conventional than a synblend, you couldn't call a conventional made of all group II with a high viscosity index bordering on being a group III a synblend, but you could take a group II that's on the poorer end and add a little group III to call it a synblend and it'd technically be a worse oil than one that's only allowed to be labeled conventional, right? Although I think mostly now the oil companies are using rather high quality group II base stock and combining them with enough group III in order to meet the newer more stringent requirements of API SP and ILSAC GF6a, at least for 5w30 and 5w20 grades.