0w-40 on a Nissan Versa/ Juke engine

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Jul 25, 2017
Texas (south)
So a few months ago I posted about using 0w-40 oil on my Nissan Versa. I have a manual one and it is always revving at 3.5 to 4k RPMS at hot highways conditions (which is normal here in deep South Texas). So I decided to give it a try. I changed the oil back in Saturday. I already have 400 miles on the oil. It is a Mobil 1 FS 0w-40. Off the bat, let me tell you something fellow Nissan owners, the car feels more robust. No stupid, weak, rattle sounds here and there and no more stupid random shaking. Fuel economy is much better. I think people should really try it out once they are off-warranty and under warranty use 5w30 but use synthetic. Even when using synthetic it still thins it out by 4000 miles of OCI. I will continue to update and will do a UOA once my OCI is up.
No problem running 0w40 in most stuff but you are using butt dyno! Fuel economy is much better?? Than 5w30?? Hmmm im skeptical.
Nothing wrong with M1 0w40. It is a fine oil smile Castrol's 0w40 is very popular in the Nissan community, as is their 0w30 (which is a thick 30, almost a 40)
HR16? yeah that oil is perfect. My dad has the same engine in his tiida(versa) and he currently uses 10w30. But he used 10w40 with no problems
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