09 Ranger 4.0

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Apr 22, 2006
Western NY state
I just bought a 09 Ranger 4x4 5 speed for my wife...I'm not a Ford guy and bought it because it's very clean and appears to have been maintained...It has the 4.0 SOHC engine, 93,000 miles...The earlier 4.0 SOHC was noted for timing chain wear issues, very expensive because the engine needs to be pulled to replace the odd rear chain......Supposedly Ford revised the cam chain drive around 2006 to eliminate the complaints.... The engine runs very quiet cold or hot....Ford recommends 5-30 oil....Considering try to maximize cam chain life, what weight and type oil would you use? This truck will be used like a car and won't be normally towing a trailer... Thanks..
Can't go wrong with Pennzoil 5w30. Friend had a 2001 Ranger 4.0 SOHC which I believe was one of the years impacted by the chain issues. That truck ran all the way to 180k on Pennzoil 5w30 with no issues before he sold it. In fact it was probably one of the most reliable vehicles he has ever owned. He misses it to this day.
I've researched timing chain wear quite a bit while working on my latest project vehicle, an '07 Toyota 4Runner...elongated timing chain due to poor oil change history. Among the published articles I found, the one below seems to best show the relationships between various oil additives and timing chain wear. The article asserts that Molybdenum Disulfide in various forms plays the best role in minimizing chain wear and resulting elongation. I've been running QSUD pre-Dexos Gen 2 formulation to protect the chains while I gradually reduce the sludge before this year's chain replacement project. Back in December, I filled with Amzoil SSO 0W-30 with 15oz of LubeGard moly additive. This will likely be the final oil change before teardown. Role of Additives in Timing Chain Wear
Following up, as Jeepman stated Pennzoil (same parent company as Quaker State) is another good choice in addition to QS...both contain high doses of moly which the article states is good for timing chains. Not sure about moly concentrations in their new Dexos Gen 2 formulations, however. PQIA didn't have analysis data on these posted last time I checked. I used QSUD because it was on clearance, evidently making room for the Dexos Gen 2 product line.
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Agree with jeepman. I will add I have a 2010 mountaineer with the 4.0 Yes the timing chain system was updated but not entirely. I have 68,700 miles and the previous owners used 5w30 motorcraft synthetic blend changed every 3,000-4,000 miles with filter at the dealer since new. Have all service records. No noise. Maintenance is everything. The fact you are not hearing any noise is great. As jeep man said use a 5w30. I would not go thicker.
My sister has a mid 2005 build Explorer and it used to make a noise only when cold, now it sounds so terrible all the time. It sounds like a potato chip bag constantly being crunched up. She only has 30k miles on it with regular oil changes with quality oil by me since new... Just waiting for it to let go one day as the (labor intensive) repair costs nearly as much as a new engine and I'm not equipped to do it myself. Whoever thought putting a timing chain front and back was a good idea is an idiot.
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When he first got the truck my friend ran Mobil 1 5w30 and it was pretty "clacky" especially at idle. Switched to Valvoline Synpower which was a bit quieter and then Pennzoil conventional which was the quietest. Oddly enough that is also the oil that runs quietest in my Jeep as well.
Is that still considered a Cologne 4.0L at that year? They were engineered to use 5W30 if I remember correctly? Friend of mine had a 2006 Explorer with the 4.0L and it started to consume oil at about 130,000 miles. Moved up to 10W30 grade & it stopped consuming on 5000 mile intervals. He primarily used whatever the cheapest conventional SN oil he could get paired with a FL 820s filter at 5000 mile intervals. Sold it at around 180,000 miles and the engine was rattling a good bit when cold.
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When he first got the truck my friend ran Mobil 1 5w30 and it was pretty "clacky" especially at idle. Switched to Valvoline Synpower which was a bit quieter and then Pennzoil conventional which was the quietest. Oddly enough that is also the oil that runs quietest in my Jeep as well.
Some bike guys make the same claim, conventional oils are quieter than synthetic...I have owned 5 bought used Jeep XJ's 4.0's in the last 20 years,. All of then have the what sounds like a timing chain rattle in the front no matter what type oil...But they just run on and on with no problems..
I would use either motorcraft 5w30 SB or my preference would be quaker state ultimate durability 5w30 synthetic. This is what I use in my 4.0 Nice quite oil. $20 and change at Walmart. Fram ultra filter. Ford recommends 7500 drain interval. Personally for me I do less then that. Oil and filter are cheap compared to replacing timing chains or the engine. Like I said Maintenance is everything. If sludge Build's up around the chain guides they will not be able to function properly. There are also 2 hydraulic (engine oil) chain tensioner's. When they start to go bad you will start to hear noise when first start the engine. They can be replaced without engine removal. Maybe a hour or two.
Hey Truckedup, for your Ford, we recommend using Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30. This oil will not only keep your engine cleaner than any other synthetic oil, but it will deliver complete protection without compromise. Head over to Walmart.com, Amazon.com, or your local Pennzoil retailer to pick some up. Thanks, Gena & The Pennzoil team
Hi Pennzoil Gena Fishbeck I know I am a newbe here and am not trying to be a wise guy but is Pennzoil in competition with itself. Pennzoil/QS/Sopus are owned by Shell. Quaker State Ultimate durability (The meaning of Ultimate is having no match or equal; unrivaled). So is Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w30 better then Quaker State Ultimate durability 5w30?? I use QSUD 5w30 in my vehicle and like the oil very much. But if Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is better? I may switch.
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5W30 Motorcraft Synthetic Blend every 5,000 miles and Motorcraft or WIX/NAPA Gold filter. Change the air filter every 15,000 miles. Valvoline DuraBlend or Pennzoil Gold are good alternatives.
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