07 civic coolant options

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Jun 4, 2005
I got close to 40k on the civic and was thinking about doing a drain and fill. The Honda type 2 coolant is god awful expensive. From what i've read the zerex asian or the peak global lifetime would be my best choices. Are both about the same for the honda or does one edge the other out?
On some cars it matters. Toyota for example, you have to use the Toyota dealer red or pink only. If its an odd color there's usually a reason behind it. By drain and fill I assume you mean just the radiator. That means mixing coolant types which is a bad idea. Unlike oil coolants don't mix well and in some cases be bad for the car. Coolant is too important, not changed that frequently, suggest you get the Honda fluid.
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Factory filled Honda type 2 coolant is good for 10 years or 100k miles, isn't it ? My 2004 S2000 has FF coolant, I don't plan to change it out until Nov 2013, 10 years after I bought it. At that time I will looking for Honda type 2 concentrate or using Peak Global concentrate, and add appropriate amount of water.
Just leave it in for at least another 10-20k, put some change aside and you will be able to buy the Honda coolant. You have other options but why not use Honda. It is very good quality and the extra cost is negligible in the long run.
Why are you changing it out so early is beyond me. duh The Coolant is rated for 100k or X amount of years. Both my 07 Civic (an EX and an Si) are still running flawlessly on the FF. EX has 120k and Si is @ 110,000 miles. I plan to change them out soon...
Agree with Art above, no need to change Type 2 out early. Went to ~110k/7years on an 01 Civic with it. When the timing belt water pump service was done, Type 2 changed. Take it whatever miles/time length your OM/MM says. As for coolant type, I've always used Type 2 premix in my Hondas, but am now going to switch to full strength Peal Global Lifetime available from Napa. It's easier to do a complete distilled flush series with and achieve the correct coolant concentration. And no wasted coolant, like trying to do it with Type 2.* *The latter of which I did because the drut dealer used regular green instead of Type 2, when the head gasket was replaced. And I hadn't yet decided on using PGL. That process, and finding PGL available at Napa, made me decide.
I use Honda type 2 and it has been great. I don't know about keeping it in for 100k miles but i do top off every now and then. I mean the coolant isn't THAT expensive.
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