04 Acura TSX- which ATF?

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Aug 9, 2006
I used Z1 last time around, but I see it has been replaced by DW-1. Should I just do the standard 3 quart drain with DW1? OR any other fluids that would work for smoother shifts.
DW1 is the correct fluid that supercedes the old Z1, I would go with DW1 if it's possible. Maxlife dex/merc is an aftermarket choice if you want to go that route.
DW-1 works great in the older Honda transmissions. I use it in our '05 MDX and our '08 CR-V. I've used various aftermarket offerings as well, and prefer the DW-1.
DW1 skip the Z1. I would do 3 drain fills which is considered a flush on a Honda.
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DW-1 just drain/replace drive on. 3x if you are nervous but a lot of coin to throw away IMHO.
Any full synth universal multivehicle ATF that mentions either spec can be used. Do a drain/refill. If you are happy with the shift quality, you can do a couple more in the future. If not, try another fluid. Amsoil Redline Amalie Royalpurple BG Wynns Lubegard...are some more options.
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