01 WR250F Shell Rotella T 15W40 - 4 Hours

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May 20, 2011
Ran my 01 WR250F for about 4 hours in the dunes. Ran Shell Rotella T 15W40. Comments welcome!
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omg what a complete set of stoned morons. the wr250f is the same motor as my yz250f. they have 70+ samples from me alone. your sample is identical to many of mine. your fuel % ruined the flash and the susvis. if you continue to run SRT you need not ever send in another sample. you are fine. steve
No, I did not add moly. Have only run bike oil (usually Mobil 1 4T syn or the Castrol 4T dino) or Rotella T6 in this bike before this change with Rotella T. Although, now that I think about it, when I did a rebuild in 2012, I added some moly grease as assembly lube per FSM instructions. What can I do to improve the fuel %? What does TR mean? Trace? James
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yes TR is trace, but from the low flash and low susvis on just 4hrs i can tell you it was almost 1% either jetting or by stopping it hot and no idling. yes it can take a while to flush that assembly lube out.
I'm just snooping around and saw this as practically a VOA. Just a year ago rotella voa's showed only calcium for the detergent while this shows a mixture of calcium and magnesium. Pure curiosity makes me ask the OP....was this an old bottle of rotella from a long time ago? Or did you recently pick it up and maybe a new formula? If it's new I'd be interested in trying it in my truck again. Thanks
Bought the bottle from Kmart in April or May 2014. I have the JD jet kit in. I do tend to go down somewhat often :), so perhaps that's contributing to the 1% in the oil.
in the 14+ years i have been testing this motor i have found that the speed at which i stop it after hard running has more to do with less dilution than anything else. and i know James Dean very well, i did the original dyno testing of his kits way back in '03 before they went on sale. i am also one of the few in the world that has his spreadsheet with his red/blue needles in it. steve
understand that that comment section from the stoners on motorcycles is usually about as informattive as my own suggestions on how to walk on the sun. one of my 1st tests samples of srt 15w40: fuel: 1.0% flash 390 susvis 75.8 (this was a low mile low hr test) another test on srt 15w40 years later fuel: <0.5% flash 400 susvis 72.3 this was from a full on ama national enduro now, which flash does yours more closely look like? your 375 vs a 390 or a 400? steve
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