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    Best Love Song

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    Motorcycle Batteries

    I should have opened the links in post #1. This is almost the same exact size as the Ub12120, but of course with protected and burlier terminals. I was not aware of these inexpensive AGM batteries marketed for motorcycle starting, opposed to the UB/UPG batteries designed for scooters and...
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    Phillips Crystal Vision Ultra

    The Phillips Xtreme +xxx bulbs have smaller, tighter wound, more precisely located filament(s) within the bulb, for better focus. The blue coating, is unfortunate, in my opinion, but I also care more about function than fashion. Tungsram has a +120 H4 bulb without the blue coating. It's a...
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    Motorcycle Batteries

    I have an 18 amp hour, 11.1 LB mightmax AGM battery. Marketed to the stereo boom boom cowd as a '600 watt' battery I am not convinced it is any different than the generic UPG/UB12180. MM did tell me to use the...
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    Phillips Crystal Vision Ultra

    They've gotten about 30 hours on them so far, since I carefully scraped off the blue coating. Probably another 25 by this time next week...crosscountry drive, and mostly at night.
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    Phillips Crystal Vision Ultra

    I have some Phillips extreme h4 +130 I like them much better with the blue coating removed. The high beam especially, is much more intense, as it had the solid band of blue all the way round it. The silver cap, which I did not remove, still has blue under it and light output is slightly...
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    Replace alternator - As preventative maintenance?

    I bought a new, not remanufactured, alternator from Autozone. It is made in Malaysia. A Nippondenso design. it is rated for 50 amps at idle, 120 amps max. When hot at idle it is lucky to make 32 amps, and it maxes out at 109 amps. The output at just above idle speed rpm is pretty good...
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    Testing reserve capacity of a battery

    Amp hour counters are a great learning, and diagnostic tool, not only to see how much load one is presenting to the battery, but also what a charging source is supplying. They are imperfect in determining actual percentage of charge left, but a million times better than voltage alone. I...
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    Are there any considerate people left?

    A large percentage of people in California are simply too cool, to acknowledge you. The overtly friendly person who makes, or tries to make eye contact and say hello, will soon be disappointed, and give up. Most people go around ignoring each other.
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    100% Random Pictures

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    Dad's Chimney is leaking

    In the one photo looking up in post #1, one can see water drips running on the outside of the pipe. Rain with an horizontal element getting inside. I got some angled flashing and attached it to the 4 sides. Now the rain would have to be travelling perfectly horizontal, and defy gravity to...
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    Dad's Chimney is leaking

    This Home is in SW Florida. The fireplace below never burns wood anymore, not for 20+ years, only propane, and it rarely gets used. I've no experience with roofing, or chimneys. A damp spot further developed on the interior ceiling after a tropical storm this year, just downhill from the...
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    Testing reserve capacity of a battery

    Reserve capacity minutes is the minutes a newish healthy fully charged battery can maintain a steady 25 amp load before voltage falls to 10.5v which is considered 100% discharged. Basically how long one might be able to expect to keep driving after charging system failure. a 100 amp hour...
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    Old battery drained by map lights - any suggestions?

    I was given the schumacher mity mite ps120a in 2001 by my dad. It became useless for jump starting, in about 2005. it has a 12 amp hour UB12120 battery inside of it. One can get such a battery for about 25$. Even if kept in top condition with regular full charges and never depleting it...
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    Battery keeps draining every few days ugh

    If the covers are under stickers it is a 'maintenance free' battery and unlikely to be low on water, as their gassing voltage is higher. Maintenance free flooded are unlikely to ever need rewatering before they die form age/sulfation in non cyclic usage, and are not a good battery if deep...