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    Need respirator mask to spray fluid film / woolwax

    I use 3M 60923 cartridges. 60921 would probably work fine as well for that purpose. When used for spray painting and solvent work I have zero odor breakthrough. They are P100 with the charcoal filter.
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    Best way to keep a truck from rusting

    I use Woolwax on my vehicles. My 95 GMC was purchased with typical New England rust but I have coated the frame yearly without issue. I check it in the Spring and touch up any spots where the coating washed off. Another thing I'd recommend is going after rock chips immediately. A quick sanding...
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    2017 GM 3.6

    I believe the timing chain stretch was last an issue with the 3.6 LLT (predecessor of the LFX). The LFX came out in 2012 with the timing chain issues corrected. I haven't heard of it being an issue with the High Feature engines since the LLT.
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    Air conditioner corrosion

    I have a big 15,000 BTU window AC I install about this time each year. I noticed that the copper tubing at the bottom inch of the condensor is green and the (aluminum?) fin block has some white dust like powder coming off it. The unit is designed so that the condensor is sitting in the...
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    ABS scan tool

    Would Bluedriver be useful for that? I bought one to read all the GM specific module codes on my Impala. My geneneric OBD scan tools would just show P0000 instead of the GM specific code. It has shown the wheel sensor (ABS) fault codes when a sensor has failed and set off the ABS/traction lights.
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    Oil as undercoating to slow down rust

    If you can get Fluid Film or Woolwax in France I would go for that. My next choice would be the chainsaw oil because that usually has a tackifier which will help it stick. I bought a 5 gallon pail of the black dyed Woolwax and can say the stuff goes on thick and sticks well even after a full...
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    From a 2021 to 1998

    I second checking the brake lines. I've had 3 Escorts over the years and my wife had another. They all ended up getting the rear brake lines replaced at some point. Great cars, even to the point where I did rebuilt cylinder head swaps to prevent the valve dropping issue. I got rid of my last...
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    Mobil 1 HM 0W20 - 4682 mi - 2009 Toyota RAV4

    2009 Toyota RAV4 2.5L WIX (ALS Laboratories) MILES ON UNIT 127662 MILES ON OIL 4682 OIL Mobil 1 High Mileage SAE 0W20 Metals (ppm) Iron (Fe) 5 Chromium (Cr) <1 Lead (Pb) <1 Copper (Cu) <1 Tin (Sn) <1 Aluminum (Al) 3 Nickel (Ni) <1 Silver (Ag) <1 Titanium (Ti) <1 Vanadium (V) <1 Contaminants...
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    WIX Analysis - Customer service?

    Thanks for the responses. It was a legitimate kit. I made another attempt at setting up an account. They e-mailed me the result as a PDF and also gave me account access.
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    WIX Analysis - Customer service?

    I used to use Blackstone but the price seems to have gone through the roof. I ordered one of the Wix kits for about $20 on eBay. From what I understand the cost of the kit includes the analysis service. There were several addresses on labels inside so I sent it to the closest lab - ALS Tribology...
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    House remote temperature monitoring

    I'm planning to be away for a week in February and was thinking about getting some sort of temperature monitor that worked over wifi. I'd like to be able to check in on the house temperature and possibly get an alert sent to my smart phone if the temperature falls below a set point to indicate a...
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    TriVal windshield (by Pilkington)

    Windshield seems fine overall. I drove it today and noticed a slight distortion in the far 3" or so at the edge near the passenger side pillar when seated in the driver seat. Not noticeable unless looking for it. Main field of view seems fine. I had just never heard of the TriVal line of...
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    TriVal windshield (by Pilkington)

    I just had my OEM windshield replaced after a rock chip turned into a several foot crack. The original was a Pilkington windshield. The mobile glass repair service was supposed to install OEM equivalent glass and installed a TriVal branded windshield. Apparently TriVal is a trademark of...
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    2012-2016 LFX/6T70 Chevy Impala opinions?

    I did a lot of research before I bought my 2013 Impala. 2012 and up had the LFX engine, which was updated to correct the timing chain tensioner issues. It may not be a sports car but it's roomy, looks decent, and has some impressive acceleration even stock. Performance wise I've trialed 0-60...
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    Rockauto Shipping Shenanigans

    Good info on the shipping calculator. I usually add different part combinations and then break it all down and price it out from different sources individually (eg. eBay, Amazon, NAPA/Advance w/ coupons). RA usually ends up being pretty close overall price wise and I've had good luck with...