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    What's up with Pennzoil Ultra?

    I just started buying some 5W-30 Ultra for the Subaru Outbacks The rebates are pretty good...but finding the Ultra is not easy. It does seem like a good oil... SOPUS really should support it
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    Which Oil for a 1996 Subaru Outback???

    7000 mile oil change intervals are fine with sysnthetic oil..if it is a good running Subie Perhaps shorter if it doesn't run like a Swiss Watch Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 is a great choice Or any synthetic oil from 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-30, or 5W-40 would be fine if you wanted to pick an oil on sale...
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    Winter oil in tdi

    I would run Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5W-40 Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 Schaeffer's Supreme 9000 5W-40 Amsoil DEO 5W-40 Valvoline 5W-40 Castrol Edge with Syntec Power Technology 5W-40 Castrol Syntec 5W-40
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    2011 Maxima & Very Hot Weather Oil Recommendation?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: MAKamal</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Here I am attaching the two pages extracted from the car manual regarding the Capacities and Recommended Fuel/Lubricants <img...
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    LC20 and FP60 no longer in vogue?

    I've only had good results after 7 or 8 years of using LCD products like LC 20 / FP 60 in all our family vehicles. I have a Duramax, a bunch of Subaru Outbacks, VW TDI's , BMW 3 Series, and a Jeep Cherokee. I have been pretty good at using the products frequent but not all the time. The real...
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    Recommendations for new volvo 2012 s60 t6 r-design

    I would see what is available locally and probably go with Mobil 1 0W-40, Pennzoil Ultra 5W-30, or Castrol Edge 5W-30 [ in that order ] Congrats on a nice car!
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    Where to buy ZDDP additive to fortify modern oil?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: deven</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: demarpaint</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Look into Red Line Break in oil additive, that would be my...
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    Eneos 0W-20: going into 01 Accord 2.4

    Run Auto RX or Lube Control LC20 with the Eneos and see how oil consumption looks Or use same program listed above with Redline 5W-20 oil Make sure daughter has extra quarts of exact same oil and that she checks oil level regularly!
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    Switched my Bimmer from GC to M1 high mileage

    Why not give a BMW the good stuff? Redline GC M1 Delvac 1 I like GC 0w-30 but there's nothing wrong with a 0W-40 , 5W-40 or 10W-40 in a high quality synthetic from Redline, Mobil even Shell Rotella 5W-40 15W-40 HDEO seems like its ofr a beater BMW in hot weather, or for cleaning...
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    Miles on Firestone Winterforces if used year round

    Can wear out quickly and cup,,,, great cheap tire 1 or two winter tire Best as a 5 month winter tire IMHO for 2 seasons
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    5w30 used instead of 5w20

    I like 5W-20 or 0W-20 in our Honda Element VTec engine If it was driven in 100 degree heat like in Houston Texas or Orlando Florida then maybe 0W-30 Castrol GC or a 5W-30 would be smart. In 100 + heat like Arizona or Las Vegas, Nevada....then maybe 5W-40 or 10W-30. In all cases, I would use...
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    What brand of oils do we KNOW work well..........

    Redline and GC 0W-30 run great in my german cars [ especially the BMW's ] M1 TDT / Delvac 1 5W-40 is also excellent I also run Pennzoil Platinum, Eneos, Valvoline Synpower and can find nothing wrong with them... but Redline, GC, TDT are my favorites
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    New '09 Honda Civic Recommendations???

    "I live in Phoenix, AZ. (HOT, desert conditions with some mountain driving)" I have run our 2004 Honda Element 2.4 VTec on 0W-20 or 5W-20 synthetic with Pure One oil filters since new... now at 100,000 miles engine runs beautifully with essentially zero oil consumption over the 7K interval I...