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    Lubricate RJ45 Crimping Tool?

    I've had an RJ45/RJ11 crimping tool for years. I have never lubricated it. I put a few drops on the pivot points and other areas that could have metal to metal contact. Is this bad? I would not think it would be as a lot of crimpers are shipped with oil all over them. Thanks.
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    Friend gave me some Mobil 1 EP 5W-30.

    Hello all, a friend of mine gave me some Mobil 1 EP 5W-30. It was a 5 qt jug and a 1 qt bottle. Only issue is that the 1 qt bottle is High Mileage EP 5W-30 and the 5 qt jug is not high mileage. Will this make a difference? I personally don't think it would. Thanks.
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    European Tools via Amazon - New Lug Wrench

    While I'm sure that tool is well made, it is simply a lug wrench. $93 for something that's going to sit in the trunk and pretty much never get used.
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    Dealer Fill 0W20, 9,574 miles, 18 Lexus GS350

    No offense, but you "liking" a particular viscosity has zero bearing on what the engine needs to perform properly. People's feelings are irrelevant when it comes to these matters.
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    Dealer Fill 0W20, 9,574 miles, 18 Lexus GS350

    I'm not a chemical engineer so I don't know, the manufacturer who makes the vehicle employs such people that have done far more research on this than you or I. I will defer to the expertise of the people who designed and built the car. I'm certain that if someone has a problem with their car...
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    Dealer Fill 0W20, 9,574 miles, 18 Lexus GS350

    Except that's what the manufacturer recommends. 10W-30? Is it 1989? No manufacturer recommends 10W-30 anymore, 5W-30 would be the better substitute.
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    Bad Premiun Gas During Winter Months

    Do you believe they are lying?
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    Bad Premiun Gas During Winter Months

    Boostane claims it is safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.
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    Bad Premiun Gas During Winter Months

    You could try using an octane booster. Here is a company called BOOSTane that has a very nice chart. Let's say you need to pump 20 gallons of 87 octane and you want to up the octane rating to 91. Add .26 ounces per gallon or 5.2...
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    Would you use 0W30 instead of 0W20?

    What lead you to this conclusion? You do know that the 0 in 0W-20 or 0W-30 won't matter until the temperature of the oil is 0F or lower. At temps that low 0W-20 and 0W-30 are the same viscosity. When your engine reaches operating temperature, that's a different story. Myself personally, I...
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    GCV160 possible cracked block

    Is it leaking oil from that area?
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    Need a new ratchet/tool set

    Does the dolt's son know about this device called a breaker bar?
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    Pulmbing question?

    I tried to reason that to myself, my first thought was money, but that didn't compute. The glue joint at the local hardware store and the adapter I bought were approximately the same price. The time required to do the glue joint would have been longer as they both had to be glued on. The only...
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    Pulmbing question?

    Apparently the putty job did not hold. It leaked. I ended up having to get this adapter: I also needed Oatey cement...
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    Priced right off the Snap-On truck

    I didn't mean to offend you, just that there are OTHER options for American made tools besides REALLY overpriced tool truck tools. Williams, SK, Tekton. Snap-On doesn't give a crap about the little guy, just the bottom line. They are no different than any other tool manufacturer, so I'll buy...