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    Oil Additives for GDI engines

    I don't like the fuel dilution in winter, I worry about soot and wear. So I'm doing 2k winter 3 k summer oci. On my mpfi engines still 5-7k..
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    Old RV gas mileage

    9 But really it does not matter. I get 10-11 towing my travel trailer.
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    Can a Wagner electric sprayer be used to apply a clear spray-on bra?

    What exactly is the product you want to spray?
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    What are you using to protect the underneath of the mower deck!?

    Nothing. I've tried everything. The best is cleaning the deck by mowing over sweetgum balls lol.
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    Help identifying bearing

    Depth of field messes you up. I thought so too, but look in the center, you get a better sense of the height of the bearing vs looking at the outside edge. I looks like a tapered roller bearing.
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    Does 5W-30 REALLY protect better than 5W-20?

    Next couple of days, i'm going to change the 0w40 out to 0w30 or 5w30 for summer.
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    Traveling Respiratory Therapists being offered $140 an hour to work at hospitals

    You are a good man Blupupher! I do the same every Christmas. I buy my tech/transporters and secretaries. $25 gift cards, as they are the lowest paid in my department. It's a $150 or so well spent. They know it comes from my pocket, and they appreciate that their supervisor pays it from his...
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    Home Auto Repair Question

    I'd be tempted to just remove my hood for a month! See how they like that.
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    Driveability Issues after using Techron

    Just realize the seafoam is not much more than alcohol , pale oil , like 75% oil. I can see the alcohol doing some cleaning, but i prefer not to add that much oil to my fuel.
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    USS Alabama / USS Drum

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing those!
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    Received an insane water bill from the city, recourse?

    You don't by chance, have any close neighbors that own a pool do you? LOL
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    Gas stabilizer for long term outdoor storage

    I think 6 months you will be fine with just stabil. Unless you are pulling the fuel tank , i'd fill it up , less air= less moisture in the tank.
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    Gas stabilizer for long term outdoor storage

    I use Stabil, and 1 oz tcw 3 in 5 gallons for the last tank of ope engines. Keeps the floats and needle seats free.
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    What are you working on today?

    Dasco pro chisel!