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    This is one reason why Amazon is winning

    Everyone wants to be better paid, no difference between Amazon and other corporations in that regard no matter if they are super successful or just hanging on until the Sheriff knocks at their door.
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    Slightly crooked steering wheel after tire rotation + lower ball joints

    If reading correctly, the alignment was done almost two years ago in July of 2019. Not sure they would redo it for free after that amount of time if that is what you are suggesting.
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    Changed Oil on the 05 Suburban yesterday

    I wish redhat the best of luck with his truck. His care and attention to oil changes should keep the motor alive at least another 100K. But there are a ton of other systems (steering, brake lines, suspension, starters, alternators, water pumps, etc.) that are subject to failure from age, miles...
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    Subaru CVT oil change made simple.....

    Extremely helpful opinions posted here about the evils of a CVT transmission to the folks who already own a CVT and clicked here to find out how to more easily change their CVT fluid. Thanks
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    LG shutting Down It's Mobile Phone Business

    It is often better to bow out gracefully than to keep doubling down on a losing business plan until the bankruptcy court shuts you down.
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    This is one reason why Amazon is winning

    You could write a very long history book on the numbers of retail and wholesale operations that were absolute tops in their fields that have gone long downhill. The common denominator of quite a few was that they figured they since they were able to dominate in their field, that they would be...
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    Which auto brand dealerships utilize the salesmen/women with

    Standards change over time. My father worked on the floor in a grocery store from the 1950's up until 1990 or so. For the first 25 or 30 years he was required to wear a white shirt and tie to pack out the aisles, chase after shopping carts in the parking lot, sweep and mop the floor, shovel...
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    Insurance thread yesterday, locked?

    Goto the Reddit site, enter in the search bar "r/insurance". Join to be able to post, you will get answers to your questions from folks that are in the know about these things.
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    Mazda emblem on steering wheel shines way too bright

    In some societies, duct tape is a tasteful addition to a car's interior design.
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    Hybrid Cost

    Are any youtube videos of these fist fights available for viewing? Also, want to know how badly the losers of these fights are hurt, just some bruises or were the losers taken away by ambulance or copter to the nearest trauma center?
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    Peace of mind from driving a beater?

    I don't go out of my way to treat her poorly, but my 8 year old car with 90K miles has some dings and scratches that I have no intention of doing anything about. OCD not allowed in my household - Does this mean that I will no longer be allowed to post or even read posts on BITOG?
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    Worse repair ever?

    There is a reason the vast majority of owners get rid of cars well before they hit the 20 year old mark when all of these PITA repairs are needed. Even those owners that have the skills to do these jobs just don't want to do it. Nor do they want to pay a shop to do it as the labor costs add up...
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    Words That Give You Pause

    It should be easy to ....... This medical procedure may hurt some.
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    Can a transmission solenoid be bad but still work?

    The electronic tranny solenoid on my 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan started leaking, but drove fine. My indy installed a new one after it started leaking.
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    Carvana Bad Offer

    You mean there are businesses that try to sell their product for less than their cost of the product to result in a profit? We should shut down those greedy businesses trying to make a profit, it is so unfair to the rest of us.