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    Thickest oil grade you have run in winter, summer?

    Castrol GTX 20W50 1979 Chevy Caprice 305 ci V-8. From south Texas summers to north Alabama winters it did the job for 11 years.
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    Techron Pricing

    I recently paid $15.00 for the 20 ounce bottle at O'Reilly. The last time I bought some it was under $10.00! Guess that was some time ago...
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    For guys that want to costumize (not customize) their car to get attention

    Could very well be just that. As trashy as that car looks I'd put nothing past the owner.
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    Noticeable differences with Exxon/Mobil vs. Shell & others

    I use Exxon fuel exclusively (87) and have for about 5 years. No odd starting characteristics. The car can sit for 2 weeks and it fires up before I can get my hand off of the key.
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    For guys that want to costumize (not customize) their car to get attention

    Wonder how many of the exhausts are real if any?
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    Amalie Elixir Full Synthetic, What group is it?

    Just an FYI... The company was the first to sell multi-grade motor oil and is currently North America's largest private, independent blender of motor oils and industrial lubricants.
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    Ultimate man cave bathroom sink

    Gotta wonder what the commode looks like...
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    Best wax for high shine

    Little known from Poorboy's but depth & shine are quite remarkable:
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    Bought a 2005 Toyota Corolla

    Funny you mention that...both of our's mentioned in post #8 were beige/champagne. Our neighbor said they looked like Twinkies when parked in the garage. :LOL:
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    Bought a 2005 Toyota Corolla

    Wise purchase and kudos for all you're going to do for her. We bought two of that new body style in 2003, brand new. Mine was a 5 speed stick, her's was an auto. The problem was that the steering wheel was offset to the side from the driver's seat, not directly in front of it. It drove me nuts...
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    under car sprayer needed for a complete detail?

    Since salt is not involved here I see no point in the underside wash unless it feeds your OCD.
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    Just watched my first ever episode of Star Trek- really enjoyable

    I've been a sci-fi fan since the old (and awful) Buck Rogers Saturday morning TV shows in black & white. Once I saw The Forbidden Planet at the movie theater in 1956 I was hooked forever. There are no original Star Treks or any of the other many "Trek" series spinoffs that I haven't seen...
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    Plast X

    I used it on plexiglass windshields & gauge covers when I used to detail boats. It worked very well for me.
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    DODO Juice Wax

    100 ml is less than 1/2 a cup of product and your link shows it at roughly half price on sale. Your call if it's worth it. I do remember reading a lot of positive comments on the "look" of that product but I've no idea if they were real or bogus.
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    Lenos Products

    He is tied in with Walmart regarding his detailing products. I have no idea who makes them but I can't see him putting out a "bad" product. Mediocre maybe but not bad. I have no experience with the brand.