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    No more borrowing our my car and trailer....uggg

    Well upon thinking this whole thing thru I figured out it was in fact the trailer that jack knifed into my bumper. However, there is more to the story. This trailer is very short and with a very short tongue. He had loaded sheetrock on top of the rails so it over hung on the front and rear...
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    No more borrowing our my car and trailer....uggg

    So I have a 2008 RAV4 and a small 4 x 6 foot trailer. As you probably know, a short trailer is hard to back up, easy to jackknife. Last year younger brother asks to borrow it. Usually I just say I'll be over and help but this time, I let him borrow it. Guess what.....came back with the back...
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    STP Ceramic oil treatment

    I find it ironic....the use of the word "ceramic" being used anywhere around an engine. Real ceramic would chew up a motor faster than you can imagine.
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    Any benefits to lifting hood in hot weather?

    Unless you can drive with the hood open, I don't see much point opening the hood "after" you parked in your garage. The engine, at that point is as hot as it's going to get. If there is damage, it's done. Shortening the time it stays that hot will do little if anything to prolong the life of...
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    Any benefits to lifting hood in hot weather?

    Modern cars are designed to handle hot weather. Unless you talking about temperatures outside of typical (and no, Dallas in July is within design temps), the cooling system will handle it. Don't over think it. Modern cars are designed to handle hot weather.
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    Here's something that could happen, and ruin your day, lol!

    most remote starts have a switch tied to the hood being open. Always open your hood when working on your car would solve the issue.
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    Symptoms of bad breaker. Lost all loads

    They do go bad. Had 2 in the last 2 years. Semed weird at first but I guess they fail somehow internally. Easy fix.
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    Walmart Value Everstart Battery

    Why? You think China is incapable of manufacturing a stupid battery?
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    2005 honda crv coolant leak/heating issues

    If it has a leak, it cannot pull a vacuum as it cools, and draw in coolant from the reservoir I think.
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    Is there value in a good vacuum

    Yeah when I was vacuum shopping I looked at Walmart. It's mostly junk. I ended up buying a used Dyson. While it is all plastic, what I like is they are very easily re-buildable. Now if you want a really nice machine, pick up a Sanitaire, same as used in hotels and for office cleaning. But...
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    New car break-in

    "The theory is there is only a certain amount of time parts have to wear in together" That about says it all right there doesn't it? Your engine has plenty of "time" absurd argument and why I don't belieive "break in" amounts to a hill of beans.
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    Possible WIX failure?!? What could have happened?

    Rather than cut this filter open, it would make more sense to re-install it, start the car and see if it is leaking. Once you cut it apart you risk losing what evidence you had. How do you know the car doesn't have some gross leak going on elsewhere....(other than observing after you changed...
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    New car break-in

    But a vacuum situation is going to happen during normal driving anyway. I guess my point is, if I just drive the car as I do everyday, it's going to get broken in.....maybe slower, but it will break in....right?
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    New car break-in

    After 40 years of driving cars I still don't understand the concept of engine break in. Here is my argument. Whether I drive 50 or 70 or 10 mph, the pistons are still moving up and down in the cylinder. Won't the rings seat no matter what? If I am super gentle, I get that it will take...
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    I just read where developers are going in, buying distressed hotel properties for like 30 cents on the dollar and converting them to small market rate apartments. The housing shortage is driving this along with hotels that are behind in their mortgages.