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    Bees finding a home on cars

    That's my excuse if the Police pull me over for speeding. "Officer, there was a grasshopper on my hood and I wanted to see how fast I had to go before he blew off". or my other excuse, "Officer, I'm racing my homing pigeon and if you let me go, I think I can still win".
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    List of serial killers and their sign

    I tell people, "I'm interested in Astronomy, not Astrology. Astrology is the fake one, at least that's what my Psychic tells me."
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    Hole In Maple Tree

    Not to disagree, but- How would you document a paper trail ? The tree owner would just say he never received it. I would first speak with the tree owner and explain if his dying tree falls on your shed, it will cause damage. Some neighbors are decent people, some are not. He may be willing to...
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    Furnace Filters

    I decided on a MERV 8 filter / sort of middle of the road as far as removing dust and restriction. I now go by four criteria on when to change the 1"x16"x20" filter. 1) How long in use 2) Filter Integrity - any bulging caused by air pressure 3) Color & Dirt - Hold up to light and inspect 4)...
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    Plastic Oil Pans, Valve Covers, Misc. Parts

    Most people use the word 'plastic' because they (me) don't know the correct material name. * Plastic Camshafts * Plastic Gears * Plastic Carburetors
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    Tiguan 30,000 mile tran.service

    How long are you going to keep the car ? I would think the 6 year / 72,000 warranty would be backed-up by doing ALL schedule maintenance being done at recommended time.
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    Ever apologize for your poor driving?

    I think the older a person is, the more understanding they are and would be easier to apologize to. I really don't get the opportunity to apologize because the encounter is so brief. When someone 'accidently' cuts me off, it evens out for the people I cut off.
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    Popped Up Utility Access Cover in driveway

    In my front yard (grass area), water and gas companies have those pipes for shutting off utility 'before' the house. They are all metal. I had the gas co. come over one time to 'lower' it (to clear lawn-mower blade). I believe all he did was loosen a bolt and slide it down. Today, I would do it...
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    Cutting Oil

    I would say NOT using any oil will slow down your drilling by dulling the bits sooner. I don't drill many (small holes) and just use 3-in-1 oil. Also, if you notice chips sticking to the bit, it's magnetized and needs to be DEmagnetizied.
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    "Asking for a friend" on whether "he" should sell his used car

    I checked their web-site to price my 2002 Ford Ranger with 165,000 miles (July of 2020). The reply was - 'it's out of our price range" / meaning it was not worth buying.
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    Dealership Mess Up?

    OP shows that RTV is to be applied 4.5 mm thick. (wow, that's thick) That's .177" (or .010" short of 3/16") .... (mm x .03937 = inch) No wonder there is so much squeeze out. When applying RTV (or any sealant) READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. You may have to wait (how many hours ?) before refilling with...
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    bird in the garage

    Mice are another tough one to chase out of your garage. I'd swing a broom at him and he keeps trying to hide in another spot.
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    Speed Queen Washer Keeps on Running

    That is a good web-site for trouble shooting and buying parts, but I don't see Speed Queen listed under 'Brand' How about looking at:
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    Asking for a review of "5 stars"

    I disagree. When you live by the sword, you can die by the sword. Sometimes I learn more from negative reviews.
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    Asking for a review of "5 stars"

    I would NOT like any business asking me for a 5* review. They should do the best job they are capable of doing, and then ask, for 'a' review. Looks like the OP wants to give 5* but was just uncomfortable with them asking. Management should read the reviews and strive for: Good, Better, Best...