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    Effect of cruising RPM on wear?

    I like to use the analogy of a human being in this regard. Will an avid runner's body break down prematurely over someone who walks very little? It's to hard to say, as there are so many other variables in question. The avid runner will consume more energy though. In both cases, considering...
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    Picked up a case of Motorcraft Full Synthetic 5w20

    I'm really digging that houndstooth pattern on the label. That'll really make me buy this over any of the countless other options.
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    2002 Corvette Z06 what oil to use?

    Own a Corvette and not give it the ole Italian tune up? Does not compute... Run 0w40 and give it the beans!
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    Ford Ecoboost 1.6L vs 2.0: I-4 Reliability

    What is a SUV going to do that a small fleet of P71's can't?;) I personally prefer Mazda's SUV line up, but I'm sure you will get many other suggestions as well. When looking for a new car, it is best if you can sit in, and interact with as many as possible in quick succession. My opinions on...
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    Ever bought a car sight unseen?

    I bought my current FR-S from a gentleman just outside of Dallas (I'm in St. Louis) sight unseen. That said, the gentleman I refer to is a driving instructor, regularly races and podiums in Spec Racer Ford, and as such was meticulous about his vehicles mechanical condition. It was a bit of a...
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    It's magnetic.

    This is a remarkably simple and brilliant idea. Nice NA, btw. Montego Blue?
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    New (to me) car: Civic Si or Focus ST?

    Any year MX-5 is an incredible machine, but I understand the need for something more practical. (former NB1 owner here) I suggest you look up the car reviewer Savagegeese on YouTube. He does a very technical review, and is no stranger to the track himself. He has reviews on all of the cars...
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    2007 Accord 2.4L Valve Cover Photos - 45k miles of synthetic oil

    Notice the intake cam, the cam lobe for the right hand side valve has a much higher lift than the cam actuating the left hand side valve. What gives?
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    New (to me) car: Civic Si or Focus ST?

    Focus ST is not equipped with a mechanical limited slip. It uses the ABS system to brake the wheel that is slipping. Its kinda a work-around for the limited slip, but it causes your brakes to heat up much faster during spirited driving. Civic SI has a actual limited slip differential, as well...
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    Ford Ecoboost 1.6L vs 2.0: I-4 Reliability

    That is a pretty bold statement for your second post here. I personally spent years here just reading before even making my first post, but when I did, it was not to discount other peoples opinions. My experiences are that there are many on this board that know quite a bit about both engines...
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    Ford Ecoboost 1.6L vs 2.0: I-4 Reliability

    Oof. Good point. If the shifting behavior of the 6F35 & 8F35 are strange, then a CVT (or at least the ones with simulated gears) would feel downright perplexing, at least to me. I would say you will get used to it, but I have been driving my wife's Escape (6F35) since new, and I'm still not...
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    Ford Ecoboost 1.6L vs 2.0: I-4 Reliability

    The Edge has the same 2.0T that has already been discussed in this thread. The Edge ST has a 2.7TT V6 engine. I personally dislike the transmissions in the Edge. It is an 8 speed, which uses the same exact ratios as the 6 speed it replaced, but with additional gears added (second and...
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    Kubota L3130 Tractor: synthetic oil?

    This is good info. I found the Wix equivalent for the Kohler filter on my OPE, better quality filter at a significant savings.
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    "Tow Pig" build

    It is one of the reasons I took interest to the LS series of engines many years ago. Apparently, during development, they were run in high RPM, high load situations for days on end. Talk about "grunting it out"...
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    Reliability of Chevy Colorado 5 Cylinder??

    One thing to consider, the 1st gen Colorado/Canyon have captive front brake rotors, making rotor service unnecessarily time consuming. They're not the end of the world, but enough to piss you off.