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    Kubota oil help

    Hello, for what its worth: In 1983 I arranged and met with a team of Kubota engineers in Japan and engine oil types were a subject discussed. I was involved in prototype testing programme I had established here in OZ using temperature activated electronic stop-start devices on two small...
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    Who remembers Green GC 0w-30?

    Hello, thanks all for the welcome back to BITOG! OZ like elsewhere has been severely impacted by Covid19 and Tourists from OS are rare in Airlie Beach Your advice on snakes and octopi is noted - one brown and several greenies seen here last week, one green was in this lounge relaxing in the sun...
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    Mobil Delvac ESP 5w40 vs M1 TDT 5w40

    dlundblad, the similarity is obvious and I was a long time user of Delvac 1 5w-40 - TDT in the US For your interest I have used Delvac 1 LE 5W-30 in recent years- the details are below; Vis 40C =69 Vis 100C =11.8 VI =168 SA =1 TBN =10 PP =-45C FP =234C Den =855 ACEA E6, E7, E9 API CJ-4/SN...
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    Who remembers Green GC 0w-30?

    Hello D_R, both popularity and performance. Initially it was hard sold here via the V8 Supercars "circus"! Later it had a life after the first formulation and eventually evolved into the products of today Doug
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    Who remembers Green GC 0w-30?

    Hello, I was a user of the original SL formula German made ester-based (Green) product. This product was a "failure" here in OZ and was replaced with the reformulated product. This product was super-ceded again by later products here. Doug
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    What's your avg speed/ OCI in terms of hours?

    Hi, Just for interest's sake; My OTR Reefer vehicles, taken over many millions of kms, had an Ave Speed (all vehicles) of 80km/h OCIs on my 500hp Series 60 Detroits using Delvac 1 5W-40 averaged, 80k kms My 18spd RR Transmissions had an OCI "as-when" needed or at sale @ around 1m kms This...
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    How long after a diesel OC does the oil turn dark?

    Hi, atikovi - it is likely to turn black almost immediately as others have indicated. This depends on a number of things including how much residual lubricant remained inside the engine after the OC If you are concerned I suggest that you learn how to do a blotter test to better understand the...
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    Flat Tappet Motor Oil One More Time

    Hello, I have seen BMC B Series engines in the 1960s do over 300k miles without cam/tappet issues The lubricants in these cases were Castrol Castrolite 20w-20 - temperature rage -10c +28C The A and B series engines were great and so was the C engine too No so when the A engine derivative was...
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    Gear oil recommendation

    Hi, rooflessVW - thanks
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    Thin to thick oil converts?

    Hi, <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: zveroboy</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I never thought of 40C kin. viscosity either, since the 100C is much closer to engine's operating temperature. Off-topic question: what's the <span style="font-weight...
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    Thin to thick oil converts?

    Hi, zveroboy - one must be careful about generalisations In my OTR vehicles I averaged 90kkms OCIs (5W-40 Syn HDEO) and the viscosity at 40C remained within acceptable limits!
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    HDEO 5w-40 vs Porsche A40 in 911 3.4 - Oil Foaming

    Hi, BufordTJustice - it would help to know the structure of the lubricant? As we know there are no "magic" lubricants but there will be similar or perhaps even better products I know what IRMA must have been like - we had Cyclone Debbie here earlier this year. The damage both physical and...
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    HDEO 5w-40 vs Porsche A40 in 911 3.4 - Oil Foaming

    Hi BufordTJustice; you said this: NOTE: Not a single VarioCam error seen while using Mobil 15w-50. However, clearly the HTHS of Delo is (delightfully) high for a 5w-40 rated oil....and I can now see why Porsche doesn't rec a 15w-40 because, if their HTHS ratings are equally high, anything but...
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    Gear oil recommendation

    Hi, syn gear oils can have many performance advantages over syn gear oils. Several years ago I did extensive testing in my OTH vehicles and settled on two; Delvac 1 75W-90 Castrol Syntrax 75W-90 Both performed about the same over many millions of ks. Advantages over a conventional oil were...
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    Penrite Enviro C3 5w30 - Porsche C30

    Hi Shannow, it may be worth you contacting your local Mobil Distributor about Delvac LE 5W-30 and its pricing I buy it in a 20 ltr container