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    What brand coffee do you all drink?

    I prefer Folgers, but will use a store brand if it's on sale. Nothing fancy for me.
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    Starter Motors?

    GMBoy, thanks for the information on the TYC starters. Do you have any information on their alternators?
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    What is your favorite piece of meat?

    Filet mignon when on an expense account, otherwise a sirloin.
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    Quickbooks and quickbooks alternative?

    Wouldn't you be able to claim the cost of Quickbooks as a business expense for your LLC?
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    Need front left hub bearing...which one would you get for son's car?

    Trav, do you recommend the SKF X-Tracker over an OEM replacement? Just curious. Also, an " depends..." is also a valid answer in my opinion. Thanks!
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    Need front left hub bearing...which one would you get for son's car?

    ACDelco now has 3 lines. The "Blue Labeled" parts are supposed to be GM Original Equipment Parts. The "Gold Labeled" parts is what they are now calling their Professional Line (sort of a mid-tier line of parts that are supposed to be a high quality alternative to OE parts). The "Silver...
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    Limited participation for now

    Happy Holidays, heal completely and come back often!!!
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    Blow Up At The Lawyers Office

    Perhaps "jail" in this sense was a reference to a bad marriage and now to a divorce that set someone "free".
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    Source for Toro snowblower gas cap?

    If you can't find one, try this place They have a large selection of old parts that are in good condition. I've used them for a couple of items.
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    Wondering if I created a problem or if it’s just circumstantial?

    LowMilesLesabre, just as an FYI, Standard Motor Products has a large factory in Poland where they manufacture their Blue Streak and BWD Select ignition coils. It would not surprise me if they also manufactured ignition coils for other brands as well.
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    Capping off water line

    While you are at it, I would go ahead and replace that multi-turn valve that will likely begin to leak one of these days with a quarter turn valve like this...
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    Restaurant chains you wish would come back

    86cutlass307, I'm not sure when the last time was you had a Godfather's Pizza, but I can tell you it is nowhere as good as it was in the 1980s. Just as an FYI, I was raised in Omaha and ate a great deal of Godfather's pizza between 1975 - 1990. On a recent trip to Omaha, my wife and I stopped...
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    Educate me on riding mowers

    If you decide to get a regular riding lawn mower, do not purchase one manufactured by MTD. MTD manufactures mowers for several different brands (including but not limited to Yard Man, Troy-Bilt, Bolens, CubCadet, and some Craftsman that have model numbers that do not with 917.) Husqvarna makes...
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    Have you ever met anybody famous?

    In 1972 I met Hubert Humphrey when he was campaigning in Omaha, Nebraska. In 1979 or 1980 I met Warren Buffett when I ran a service call on his home's security system.