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    Stihl BR 800x valve click

    So you purchased this piece of equipment used, realistically we do not know how this Blower was used before you got it, meaning what 2 stroke oil was used and at what ratio.
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    Stihl BR 800x valve click

    Am I correct in that this is a fairly new Backpack Blower, how long have you had it? I do realize its probably hard to determine how many hours you have used this Blower.
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    The first 48

    You and I also have something else in common besides Bitog! What amazes me about this show is that you see some people go away for like 10 or 20 years over something so stupid. I think there was 1 episode where there was some argument over money owed, obviously for something illegal, and to do...
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    Stihl BR 800x valve click

    Here is my 1st question, what 2 stroke oil have you been using in this Blower?
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    REPORT: Fram Ultra stock is spotty around here. NOS still around.

    Before I joined Bitog, I would buy the cheapest oil filters, maybe its price or people think why do I want a 20K oil filter when I am doing 5K, 7,5K or 10K OCI's.
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    New : Kohler 300 hr oil change interval along with extended life oil and oil filters.

    10 micron oil filter, what is the percentage rating at 10 microns for this oil filter?
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    Fun day at the Dulles Museum

    Crumb Snatchers, good 1, ever thought about doing stand up comedy? Nice pictures!
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    High Performance Lubricants Engine Cleaner

    I really do not have a comeback 4 what you wrote since it is true, maybe we will get some feedback from members here who have used this Engine Cleaner?
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    Crazy offer from Carmax

    Means maybe you could sell this yourself for more money, like $3000.00 more!
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    High Performance Lubricants Engine Cleaner

    Just wondering, what is the shipping charge on 6 quarts of oil?
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    STIHL blower 23 year review

    What 2 stroke oil have you used in this Stihl Blower?
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    1990's Kubota G2000 HST Lawn Tractor with 48" mower deck

    I just Googled that mower and found 2 listings, $3000 and $3500, of course I just looked at the prices and nothing else.
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    What is up with $50+ paint at Home Depot

    Maybe try going to the Benjamin Moore store and seeing what paint costs, and that is the good stuff or in someones opinion the best stuff!