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    Free rider on craigslist in Columbus, OH

    I would not take one because I am using a Riding Mower that my Dad bought that has this Kohler Courage Engine, I am at 695 Hours. I had wanted him to get a Riding Mower with a Kawasaki Engine on it, but that did not happen. Maybe it is everything I have read about this Kohler Courage that has...
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    Free rider on craigslist in Columbus, OH

    It has a Kohler Courage on it, no thanks!
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    1997 Chevy Z71 350 Vortec 160,000 miles, under the valve cover

    On Dino, but Synthetic can go around 5K or maybe 7.5K under the right conditions.
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    Generator Issue

    That is what I should have said, thanks #18FAN
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    Generator Issue

    Not that I saw, the Generator is fairly new, this is probably an issue with a malfunctioning safety switch.
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    Generator Issue

    My next door neighbor called me last night with a Generator Issue, this Generator is probably from Lowes or Home Depot. He told me it was all gassed up and the oil level was fine, but after 10 minutes of running it would shut off. He would start it again and 10 minutes or so it would shut off, I...
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    No More M1 0W40 @ WM?

    I went to my Walmart yesterday and they had Oil Filters where the motor oil used to be. Only a small area for oil, seems like online is the best option for oil.
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    Heater core flush

    I remember when my uncle came over 1 time with his 1977 Chevrolet Malibu and he had no heat. Took the Heater Core off and flushed it out, put it back on, a little bit better heat. We ended up taking it off and soaking it in Prestone Super Radiator Cleaner for a few hours, then flushed it out...
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    mower revs going up and down

    Best thing I ever did was put a Fuel Filter on my 6 HP Briggs. This is a 23 year old push mower with the original carburetor on it.
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    Heater core flush

    I would just get a new radiator, I would not want those tablets in my cooling system.
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    No Pennzoil Ultra At Wal-Mart

    I think you can only get it online.
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    700r4 lost all gears.

    What brand of transmission fluid is in there now, and how many miles are on this transmission?