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    2002 mustang gt tr3650

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: JasonC</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Royal Purple Synchromax cured all of my notchiness in my 2001 Bullitt and my 07 GT that used the same Tremec trans. </div></div> A few years back I changed the fluid in my '01 SVT...
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    5 Dead in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

    A law against ammo in an airport would stop such an incident? Like the law against shooting people in an airport?
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    Drying Some .223 / 5.56 MM Brass

    De-capping a handful or so after the 200F drying should show whether the drying method used completely dries the primer pockets out.
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    Drying Some .223 / 5.56 MM Brass

    Get them all decapped promptly. The primer pockets can harbor moisture a long time even after "drying". Corrosion can set in and can cause decapping and/or priming problems later.
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    Dimming LEDs

    You can dim LEDs by adding resistance, but how much depends on a number of variables. I did several LED light designs for aircraft lighting over the last 10 years. As stated, single LED die have a voltage drop of about 2 (red and amber) to 3+ (white, blue, and green) volts. If the "LED" you...
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    GM Pickup Trucks With G-80 Locker Read This

    Changed the G80 fluid early and about every 30K miles in my '06 Sierra 1500. Used mostly Amsoil 75W90. Stopped locking at about 115K miles. No broken parts or noise, rather, it appeared the clutches wore out. Replaced with a Eaton Truetrac, which I like better.
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    anybody good in theorycrafting mathematic?

    If I understand correctly, the answer is 6 The first digit can be any one of three The second digit can be any one of the remaining two The last one is the remaining one 3 X 2 X 1 = 6 xyz xzy yxz yzx zxy zyx Edit: Oops, too slow...
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    What Filter Is Everyone Using On Their 4.6 Fords ?

    I believe the K&N, M1, and Wix/Napa Gold all have front end bypass, but I'll check again before purchase.
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    What Filter Is Everyone Using On Their 4.6 Fords ?

    Down to my last FL820S that I've been using on the Cobra. May switch to something else after that. Whatever I end up using will have a front end bypass, which limits the choices considerably.
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    Question About Bypass Pressure

    All else being equal, a higher bypass rating will direct more oil through the filter media at a “cost” of reduced downstream pressure as the filter media is loaded with debris. But under most operating conditions (engine warm and filter free of excessive debris) there will be no significant...
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    Why is HDEO better for OPE, than regular oil?

    I’ve gotten great OPE engine life from some engines I run 25 hours or less per year using regular automotive oil. I kept the oil topped off and change it once a year or even once every two years. Those who run an OPE engine 25+ hours <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-style...
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    Model 12 Winchester--12 ga.

    When I was growing up, the Model 12 was probably the most popular gun used in Trap shooting. Balance, feel, and durability was of utmost importance and the Model 12 fit the bill. Many others chose the Superposed, but they cost more.
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    Perhaps "Lifetime" is Getting to be Realistic

    I’ve always been bothered by the lifetime fluid concept since any fluid can and will last the lifetime of the device where it’s installed (assuming the fluid doesn’t leak out or evaporate). Whether that lifetime is acceptable to the manufacturer or customer, and whether a fluid failure caused...
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    coolant flush yay or nay

    I no longer do chemical flushes. Twice (out of 2 times) I had to replace water pumps very soon after strong flushes so I stopped doing them. Now I just use distilled water and have had no more issues. Therefore, if it were me, I would do one or perhaps more water flushes. Drain, refill...
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    Recommendations for classic bolt action rifle

    Since the 300 Win. Mag. Is only a little older than you (introduced in 1963), finding a rifle chambered for that cartridge will prove both difficult and probably expensive since there just aren’t that many. Both the 300 Wby. Mag. and 300 H&H have been around much longer so rifles in those...