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    New Valvoline Extended Protection

    I was joking. I don’t think it sucks. Just think there is better out there.
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    New Valvoline Extended Protection

    Oh, I apologize. Valvoline EP isn’t VW 504 so it kinda sucks. Just staying on topic…:)
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    New Valvoline Extended Protection

    I don’t think you can go wrong with a VW 504 00 oil to be honest. It’s good stuff.
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    New Valvoline Extended Protection

    This is from Valvoline’s website
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    New Valvoline Extended Protection

    It’s on there in the the European oil section
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    New Valvoline Extended Protection

    It’s a VW 504/507 approved oil which is a fairly high bar to hit. Plus it meets API SP for those who think it’s important. It’s much cheaper than Mobil ESP that everyone holds in high regard but it also has the latest API SP rating.
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    New Valvoline Extended Protection

    Amazon has it for $78 for 3 5qt jugs. So it’s really not expensive oil for the given approvals it has. Maybe not the cheapest you can find but definitely not the most expensive either.
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    Red Line oil in passenger cars

    I always heard redline had a little over 40% ester and Amsoil SS had over 20%. No idea if that’s acccurate or not. But their VOA oxidation levels may indicate some truth to it. Redline is around 90 and Amsoil SS is around 45.
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    Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0W-40 VOA

    It’s good oil. I run it in my 2005 F150 and my 2022 Lincoln Aviator
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    Should I do shorter OCIs?

    You could just change your oil according to hours instead of miles if there’s a lot of idle time. That’s how I change the oil on my wife’s car. 250 hours or 5000 miles whichever comes first.
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    0W20 for K24?

    Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0w40 and all will be right in the world. 👍🏼
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    Are lower OCI's better for timing chain wear even if analysis is good?

    If a person is willing to pay for a more extensive analysis through Polaris labs, they can tell you exactly what part the metal is coming from. It’ll cost a couple hundred bucks. I know several people that have done this on class 8 trucks. Money well spent considering engines can be upwards of...
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    Too Cheap to Do an Oil Analysis

    Every time I use amsoil in my wife’s Taurus with 3.5 Duratec it has a reddish color to it. I asked Amsoil about it and they said it was normal and is a chemical reaction from the detergents in the oil with some contaminate inside the engine.