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    ACDelco OE Service Filter Upgrades

    Guess they're not updating the PF-61 that I would need 😕
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    WIX XP

    I've used them twice on my DTS. They're great. But I wouldn't pay the full price for them ($11-13). I've bought them on Napa's flash sale for $5
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    BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT

    I have these same tires on my DTS, but not the LT version. I've never had trouble accelerating or maintaining speed on snow. When it rains heavily in the summer, I also never felt a loss of traction. The ABS never engages braking on a wet road. The tires can get a bit noisy above 70 MPH...
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    Motorcraft 820s cut open
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    Motorcraft 820s cut open

    The FoMoCo FL820S filter is a Wix Filter.
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    Motorcraft 820s cut open

    The main problem is that the filter media tears. However, this wouldn't cause an engine to seize up. You'll only know about the tearing problem by visiting this forum. Of all the 820S filters being used, less than 1% get cut open and "analyzed". Ford is not going to spend money "beefing" up...
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    Do you need to change spark plugs after carbon tracking?

    A few weeks ago, I noticed my engine would "stumble" in drive when waiting at a stop light. It would do this a few times, but no check engine light came on. Eventually, I connected my scan tool and found out cylinder 5 had 20 misfires. I changed all sparkplugs 20K miles ago with OEM Double...
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    Have the "Dexcool" coolant flushed out of your GM vehicle...

    It looks like the previous owner mixed conventional coolant with Dex Cool and caused this. Or used radiator stop leak.
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    Tire recommendation for getting a truck sold

    General Altimax RT43?
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    Nor'easter Orlena is upon us and love my Michelin X-ice2

    I’d say a lot of New Yorkers wouldn’t even know what snow tires are. A lot don’t own cars. If you do have a car, you’re probably not driving it during the snow.
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    Did Oil change place use the wrong filter?

    When a shop changes my oil, I always give them the filter
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    NEW BFGoodrich Advantage Control

    Very interesting. I wonder if this will replace the Advantage TA Sport line. Looks like they combined the edges of the Advantage TA Sport with the center of a Michelin Premier A/S
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    RockAuto Clearances

    Pick out your car on RockAuto. Then click the orange RSS button next to your engine size. Youll be redirected to another page. On the top right of that new page theres a "Love A Bargan" title. Click the blue HTML button next to it, and that'll show you a list of all the clearance car parts.
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    General Altimax RT43 Sidewall Issues

    Hey! These are my tires! I now have 30K miles on the tires. I don't have a newer picture of them, but the areas which were "peeling" here, have rounded themselves off. So far the tires have been good with no abnormal wear. But I understand your frustration about having perfect tires. For...