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    Did I spot a prototype BMW?

    best bmw styling in ages this and the new m3/4 are winners
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    Accidental purchase....2002 LX470. Take my money.

    lol what
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    About what year did coolant hoses get good?

    the biggest factor is that many hoses are now integrated with plastic couplers or tees. those usually have a lifespan of 10-20 years
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    BMW ZF 8-speed automatic transmission oil change

    pros don’t use a scan tool or a temp gun they just wait two minutes and fill. the transmission will never reach 40c at idle unless you knock yourself on the oil pan and pass out
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    best ratcheting combo wrenches

    guess it’s time to hop on the rape van
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    best ratcheting combo wrenches

    so i guess if i’m forced to make compromises, what would be a slimmer option than my old blue point dinosaurs?
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    best ratcheting combo wrenches

    I’ve had my blue point ratcheting combos for like 11 years of nonstop abuse and the common sizes are starting to skip. i can still buy a new set as a williams but i’m looking to upgrade. the snap-on my coworker had was from another planet compared to it. so much sleeker slimmer and nicer in the...
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    2011 xc60

    3.2 engine bay is 900 pounds of stuff in a 1 pound bag. These things are bland and not enjoyable to work on, but you could do worse. Volvo is very good at doing some things, and luckily for you Ford got all their major and important tech.
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    Apparently either SKF doesn't make their Bearings as good as they used to or RockAuto sold me a counterfeit.

    aftermarket bolt-on hubs have always been lowest bidder items. timken and skf routinely rebadge whitebox items you can get under autoshack detroit axle etc. i rarely have issues with these but if your luck runs out just go on ebay and get another one that works or buy genuine and forget about it.
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    Do you stretch any maintenance items beyond the OEM Service Interval?

    brake fluid is usually a one and done deal
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    Residual Heat (REST) on MB cars

    the engine is indestructible why even waste your time
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    "Motorenzimmer" recommends Petronas 5w-40 for C63 AMG

    no different from liqui moly shills
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    AH 3000 for sale... Please offer your thoughts

    BMW in profile picture peak comedy
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    Longest life brake fluid for vehicle destined to get little maintenance.....

    nobody changes dot4 either and it still generally outlives the rest of the vehicle, shrek green bottle and all. any 10 year old car with dot 3 will fail out copper test strips. change at reasonable 5 year intervals and move on with life.
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    Can a 2005 Volvo go 300K Miles easily?

    my s60r had the inside DRL where the high beams go on the euro models instead of that dumb motorized one. all cars of that era with DRLs programmed had marker lights and tails on, basically just disabled the high beams lol.