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    Bringing Oil to Full Operating Temperature

    Seems like the answer is to keep driving it every so often for a longer drive. Also seems like he won’t accept that answer. Like PimTac mentioned, it’s been answered in two threads. Maybe time to lock this thread?
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    Anyone does 7K-8K OCIs on conventional?

    I would say it depends on your commute and driving habits (you already mentioned them) I have 12 5qrt jugs of Chevron supreme 5W30 (6 are sn plus and just say Chevron supreme, the latest 6 I just bought are sp and say synthetic blend on them) and my commute in my 17 accord is 15.5 miles to work...
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    AC Delco oils on RockAuto

    $1.95/qrt Mobil super isn’t bad
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    SnowBlower, to break in with Conventinal or go Synthetic after original fill??

    On my Troy Bilt 2460, ran whatever oil came in it when I bought it in summer of 2018. Changed in fall this year with a leftover PYB 5w30 I had
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    New diesel technology

    Where is gas .97 a gallon?
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    7 5w30 at Home Depot. $14.97 a piece. Not the best price but I will take any discount I can get
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    Whats the problem with the car!??

    Or in Georgia where the OP took this picture Looks like road grime
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    Seems like a no brainer to run 0-x rather then 5-x for cold temps?

    So now I’m confused on which oil I should be running! I have Castrol Edge EP 5wei..winter30 in my car now. I’m scared
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    Boxed Motor Oil WARNING

    I’ve been fortunate that the two times I’ve ordered 6 5 quart jugs of Chevron supreme from all 12 arrived Undamaged
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    collinite 476 aggravations - by hand or machine

    Collinite 476 and now just 845 works for me. Easy to apply and take off. Good protection. Last a decent amount of time. Works good enough for me. Have no desire to try anything else
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    collinite 476 aggravations - by hand or machine

    I have pretty good water beading after 6-7 months with Collinite 845 during and after the winter. Granted if we do get a nice warmer day during winter and I can wash the car I will wash using Meguiars wash and wax to try and boost it some, or spray Duragloss aqua wax on it while drying it off...