Your Oil Separator

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Mar 27, 2019
Council Bluffs
Whats everyones catches looking like? I changed oil, (mcfs-pppp5w20)warm up habbits and it finally decided to get warm out. Up until today checking weekly its been a milky oily substance with pungent gas smell. Today it was more dark and gas smell was there but oil smell was more noticeable. Im keeping my catch in a large water bottle, ill get a pic next time im at the shop... not sure why the big change all of a sudden, it has been hot for the last week or so.
Pretty much the same for was Miley when it was colder, but now it looks more like oil. This is the way it's been for the last two years with my catch can. You get more condensation in the winter (milky) and in the warmer months, less condensation, more oil appearance. The fuel smell is something I notice too a bit, more so in the winter. Direct injection probably is the main cause for that.
The drain from my Damond catchcan/air-oil separator is NEVER 'milky', even in winter time drains, but it is ALWAYS very dark, and ALWAYS smells like i could dump it into the fuel tank and run the car just fine on that! frown crzy
Im sure it would. I drive 14 miles to work and back on the interstate daily so I wouldnt get to see the outcome. Suppose if your oil never got to temprature it wouldnt have a chance to steam off the junk.
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