You know you're in college when...

01rangerxl, I moved back onto campus for my thesis year. Couldn't be away from the IC lab (45 minute each way commute to uni versus 5 minute stroll meant an extra hundred or so hours in the lab in a short period of time). As to dreaming about uni, I am grateful that uni and work never appear in my dream.
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You have the current count of the number of slices on bread left in the loaf on your mind and know you still have enough peanut-butter to go with it, and have it figured out that you have enough slices of bread to make it to the next time money will be comin in.

The house next to yours in the community of all college students has a full size couch and a big chair both completely made of cases of empty beer bottles, and a wall of there house completely stacked with cases of empty beer bottles, and at the end of the year the local beer distributor send a big truck to take the empties back.

Someone shows up for the first time in the middle of the term, you wonder why they are starting school when the term is half over and ask them, and they say they were here the first couple of days of the term and drank a whole fifth one night and have only now got out of the hospital.

One of the usual gang who gets drunk every weekend says they are going to the plasma center to sell there plasma to get beer money again, and want to know if you want to come along.

There is that one guy who has two or three new girls in bed every week and a steady girlfriend who comes up to visit him on weekends.

You can almost get high form the contact high from the smoke from the houses just by walking down the street late Friday or Saturday night if the wind is not blowing.

You bring some Isley's chipped ham from home and everyone in the home you are living in never heard of it, and likes it so much they ask you to bring more the next time you go home.

You bring a frozen meat-loaf that your mother made with her secret recipe and cook it and everyone like is so much that they ask you to bring more the next time you go home.
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I don’t know lol because I don’t go to college school was bad enough I don’t want college or need it lol. And do you realize you bumped a 12 almost 13 year old thread? Lol
Never been to college nor have the desire to go, but some of those resonate with me because I’m on night shift.... midnight is the best time to go shopping, I know what fast food places are open late or not, and 6am is when I start heading to bed lol
Since school started back , there are soft drinks . tv dinners and cookies on the shelf again in Chattanooga Walmarts lol.