wifi garage door opener

Nowthen, MN
If you really want a good opener, check out the Liftmaster 8500. I bought one after it was recommended to me here on BITOG, and I couldn't be happier with that purchase. It's way better than a regular door opener. It mounts on the wall next to the door rather than hanging from above. I believe the newest version has wifi connectivity built in. Mine is an older model and needed an add on device to connect to the internet. I also bought a couple of the MyQ light switches so I can control my outside lights from my phone in addition to the garage door.


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Phoenix, AZ
Happy with my Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener. It's been over 3 years now, no problems whatsoever. Lots of rules you can set for alerts. I have one set to alert me when it's been open for more than 15 minutes, and to alert if it opens after 8pm. When I went on vacation I turned the notifications on full time, my brother went over everyday to check on the dogs and I knew when he showed up and left. Also one year for Halloween I wasn't able to make it home to pick up my packages on the porch. I called the neighbor and asked him to put them in my garage so they don't get stolen by trick or treaters. I opened it with the app and then closed.


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Update: Got it for mom. not to hard to install . had to run the wire for the sensors as her old opener does not have them . its that old. boy the belt drive is quiet. The wifi though took a little bit to figure out. keep telling me that its offline. also, i wish that they would allow multiple users to access all the features instead of only the main person. now i have one less worry about mom. cheers