Why is my chamois falling apart?

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Aug 14, 2007
Patchogue, NY
Hello Bitog!

Not sure what's happening so I figured I'd ask for some opinions. I recently purchased a natural chamois via Harbor Freight. I washed it out and have been using it to dry my car. Since day one it's been letting out "lint" all over the car. Basically I have to run mydust brush over the car to remove the lint after I dry it. Now when I look at the chamois there is one section that has already developed some small holes from all of the material that flaked off. I use Eagle One Wax as you Dry when I dry the car. Could that be eating up the chamois? Is it just a bad chamois? I don't recall having problems like this in the past.

Any comments would be welcome!


Ed B.
Real chamois is made with soft leather, such as sheep's skin, etc.

If yours shed lint, chances are your is man-made chamois, which is known to break down over time (as opposed to the real McCoy, which tends to harden when subjected to use).

I've got to stop by HF today so I'll have a look at their chamois, but I'm going to say it's just a cheap one and is falling apart.
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Real chamois is made with soft leather, such as sheep's skin, etc.

Actually a real chamois is made from chamois skin...


I suspect that HF is selling their usual low-end junk in the form of a man-made chamois, too.

Just go to an auto parts store and buy "the Absorber" or something similar:

Its synthetic and won't start to smell like a dead armadillo if you forget to dry it out quickly. It also doesn't shed.
Harbor Freight -- for real?! You expect quality? I admit, I have bought some cheap tools there -- but my expectations have never been high.

Try an Absorber XL, or Viking/Vroom MF drying towel.
I used to buy chamois from a St. Louis tanner, S. M. Arnold Company. The care instructions they provided cautioned against washing the chamois in hot water because in removed the skin's natural oils and shortened its life. Did yours get in hot water?
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Think about where you bought it and what you paid for it.......the answer is obvious to me.

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