Why bother calling an electrician?

Outer Banks, NC
What is really bad is when you see plumbing installed like that, from one end of the house to the other.
Like this?

My ex's house had some very scary electrical. Extension cords in the wall, lights wired up like the OPs. heater in the wall wired with speaker cable, neutrals and hots swapped in most spots, etc ! The worst part of it was the owner before her was an electrician (he was licensed and everything, scary!)!!! :rolleyes:
There has to be a God that the house never burnt down. A heater on speaker cord.. thats insane 😳..


There has to be a God that the house never burnt down. A heater on speaker cord.. thats insane 😳..
If my son wired it: heater cord on a speaker 😳

BTW: some folks don’t know what commercial grade tin over copper MCC wire is - and think it’s under rated.
My camp was wired with a bunch of that because a guy got it in a post shut down auction
Those setups are a disaster in waiting. I'm laughing at the pics but man, ask any cop how many flop houses he/she has seen with disastrous wiring. Every winter in my city we had multiple "extension cord" fires. Some weren't too bad but a few ended up leveling 50 unit apartment complexes. What's scariest is that craziness can easily get buried in a wall and no one would know until it's too late.
Reminds me of when I was in Cairo back in 2019 on a startup. The maintenance group plugged in their extension cord to run a 220volt angle grinder. Just stripped back the wires and jammed it in the outlet.

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Yea thats a 3rd world plug. Saw it on a daily basis when I lived in Mexico, they didnt bother with wire nut either just twist the wire togeth and its done. Guys called themselves electricians because they had pliers, electrial tape and a spool of wire. No formal training is needed. Simply amazing.Plumbing and gas was the same.
I rewired an entire house years ago. 12 ga wire, pigtailed all of the outlets... You name it, It was done. Now, we live someplace else and my wife always asks why I don't do the same thing again. I ask are you going to let me strip the house to the studs again? That's why we have what we have.

Another thing... The commercial building I have worked in since 2003 is being taken over by a new tenant so they gutted it to the bare concrete floors and started over. The company they brought in to do the initial demolition was scary. The electricians were qualified to work probably on residential stuff but here, they were clearly in over their heads. I explained to them that all of the lighting was 277, there was stuff backed up by generators and stuff on UPS. They needed to know what they were touching. I cannot tell you how many times they sawzalled through a live 277 wire or how many times they popped a 200 amp fuse and caused the generators to come online. They FINALLY got fired and some qualified people were brought in. Night and day difference.