Who still uses a vacuum with bags?

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Oct 27, 2010
After numerous "Bagless" vacs from cheap to ridiculously expensive I had enough last year. I Have had as many as 3 shedding border collies at the same time (currently 2) and really got tired of the Bagless vacs. Messy and required cleanup afterwards. A year ago I bought a Eureka Mighty Mite, The "Pet lover" version. Its light, Has a hepa filter and uses bags. Somewhat flimsy plastic but no issues so far. Lots of power and super easy to just toss the bag with no mess. I vacuum every 3 days and get about a month from one bag and buy the bags in bulk for a better price. By far my favorite Vacuum so far. http://www.amazon.com/Eureka-Mighty-Mite-Lover-3684F/dp/B0019KOFEC/ref=pd_bxgy_hi_text_y
Baggers have higher efficiency for exhaust. Expensive Kirby vacuums still use bags. I guess if your not sensitive to dust bag less exhaust won't bother you. They puke out everything into the air.
I use bags because once you open that canister to dump the dirt/dust, you're putting a lot of it back into the air. For allergies a HEPA bag makes a big difference.
My ancient house happens to have a relatively new central vac system. The power unit is a canister using cyclonic action . It has a way bigger cyclone then any puny portable unit so you'd expect the debris to have a better chance to settle out better than any of those units. But the installers also added a big filter bag to the exhaust as the location did not vent to the outside. After a year or so, you can feel the super fine particulates settle in the filter bag, and that has to be dumped/cleaned out. (mostly human skin cells i imagine) So yea, if you go completely bagless, without a filter or something that is fine enough that requires washing or replacement, you're spewing out fine particles everything. There's no chance that something you clean just by shaking can catch the fine particles.
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I do! for years had to clean the filters on a bagless vac before every use. Now, just change the bag when full- and it takes a *lot* to fill it up. Vacuum bags are like batteries- get 'em a lot cheaper on Amazon or Evilbay. Bagless vacuums = one of the biggest crocks ever. 2cents Here's the one I got in Jan '12: Hoover Upright
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Bag user here as well. We have three dogs that shed so we bought an Oreck brand..it's held up pretty well and their bags are a lot cheaper on Amazon.
I have been using the same vacuum for 4 years now, the dark blue/purplish color version. I get generic bags from the same source. Strong suction, not too heavy, easy to move. Cheap, paid 50 some dollars at warehouse deals.
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I have a really old electrolux; 1 size bag covers almost every thing they have ever built IIRC.
Most of their canister vacs (I have a 80's era model 2100 manufactured ~2000) use the same bag. Bags are superior, as others have noted they just work better, last a long time, and really are not expensive. jeff
I got tired of our cheap bagless we had for the first 10 years if our marriage and bought a Kenmore canister bagged vacuum. I love it! I use HEPA bags and it has another HEPA filter after the bag, so it is not spewing dust all over the house. It is also easy to switch from carpet to floor, adjust for carpet pile, and switch out accessories (corner tool, pet hair, etc.). I recently bought bags through Amazon, but don't remember how much they cost.
I believe that most of the responders here are males. Do you all vacuum, rather than your wife/girlfriend/female roommate doing it? My wife is pretty bad at vacuuming (I have no idea how or why), so I either do it all or redo it after she finishes.
Commercial Vacuums still use bags. but you can't get the management @ my store to understand this. every year or so they write off another bagless consumer model, then never clean the filters, then complain about this blankety-blanking-piece-of-junk not cleaning well. last time i tried to clean/change the filters, i had to try to wash out the non washable paper Hepa Filter, because that just happened to be the one model of filter we didn't have on the shelf, except for the one in a similar model store display unit... of course, it could be worse. several years back(before all you saw in stores were bagless), when our whole fashion area was carpeted, they weren't allowed to use vacuums for a while, had to clean the carpet with a broom and dustpan, b/c some genius in that dept, when the bag got full, instead of writing off some more bags, would write off a new vacuum. i think they made it through 6 in around a month, before someone caught on...
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Hoover Wind Tunnel upright downstairs, Kenmore cannister upstairs. Both use bags, the Hoover is about 14 years old and the Kenmore about 18 years old.
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I believe that most of the responders here are males. Do you all vacuum, rather than your wife/girlfriend/female roommate doing it? My wife is pretty bad at vacuuming (I have no idea how or why), so I either do it all or redo it after she finishes.
I agree. But mostly I vacuum because I think it can be heavy at times (moving furniture and such) and my Wife has had 2 back surgeries..
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I finally went out and bought 2 hoover tempo $66 vacs from Amazon. One for each floor. No more lugging the vac up the stairs. Micro filter bags are cheap and get all the dust and dirt out in a flash. Price went up to $75 http://www.amazon.com/Hoover-WidePath-Ba...+tempo+widepath
Were going to do the same thing. Buy another Eureka for the 3rd floor.
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