Which hydraulic filter is better?

Feb 24, 2005
eastern NewMexico
Filter is a 1 inch 12tpi thread head, max length I could go is about 12 inches long, but I don't know of anything over about 9 inches for 1-12 thread.
About 30% price difference, but doesn't really matter as I'm only changing the filter every 2 to 8 years.
System is powered by a gasoline engine so flow is variable.
The system runs regular iso46 hydraulic fluid. Max system pressure is about 3,800psi. Pump is a 2 stage gear pump.
Pump flow is 14gpm with a surge flow of about 15.5gpm when the ram is retracting.
Originally had a cheap 15gpm 25 micron hydraulic filter. And it was cheap, like $12.

But we can do better.
Then I installed a back pressure gauge, found the original filter was hitting 5psi at cold idle and close to 15psi full speed when cold and by cold I mean summer time and 90f.
The original filter is gone, chopped up. Replaced with a bigger wix 57123. A paper filter, about $40, not too worried about the price. Where the filter meets the dirt it's beta ratios are
20/ 2 or 2.2
40/ 27 or 28
The "or" is depending on who makes it and I'm going to say it's not enough difference to make a difference.
Its considered it an "8 micron filter" by wix and others.
Stopping 95% of 2.2 micron dirt is pretty good, can't complain. But there's probably a little tiny bit of 25 micron stuff floating around in the fluid, not much but some.
It flows 12 to 14gpm or just 14gpm depending on who makes it, so I'm at max flow, might have to change it every year or 2 maybe 3.
When cold this filter makes much lower back pressure across the board hot or cold compared to the original "25 micron 15gpm filter it came with.
The other filter that I ask "is it better" is glass media "6 micron filter". It costs a little more $20, it's beta ratios are:
And it has a 3rd rating I don't see very often. I believe it means it stops 90% of 1 microns.
Rated for 22gpm. Because it's rated for 22gpm instead of 12 to 15 I could get a lot more run time out of it before it's in the red.
So there's basically nothing bigger than 13 microns in the hydraulic system with this filter.
I think when the current filter gets into the red go with this glass media filter, MF0617088. I think it's all around better and would be cheaper in the long run.
What say you?

Oh and what does this last row mean?
"micron 1 10"
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