Where can I find these push switches

Mar 10, 2013
I have some push switches that activate my cars climate control. The issue I am having is that some of the white posts that keep the spring captured the plastic is getting brittle and the spring is just popping out of the switch. I am trying to find where i can purchase new switches or if I can just purchase the plastic post. The brand of the switch is schadow.


Those look awfully proprietary. I can't imagine those being found on mouser or similar. I hope for your sake I'm wrong though.
Maybe you can have that white plastic part 3D printed. That would be cool.
I did think about that possibility. I do have a 3d printer and I have solid works. It would be pretty time consuming replicating the part and printing different iterations in order to get the tolerance correct. I did end up 3d printing this one piece I needed in order for the switch assembly to work properly. I actually got my issue solved. I used some switches from another unit and got everything soldered back up. The white plastic piece is the plastic interlock I had to make.


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We had an old teac cassette deck from around 1973. It was a hoss and at the time was a beautiful device to record on, with manual bias settings to adjust to different tape types over 1khz tone. Sucker had something similar to this with a 32 pin switch to volley between play and record. That guy did it in. At some point i soldered it to play only, but it was limited in use after that.