Where are you getting tires mounted and balanced?

Aug 5, 2010
Crown Point, IN
Like the title says, where are you all getting tires mounted and balanced these days? Seems like the price went through the roof since last time a looked around at this. Discount tire wanted $145 if I brought my own tires in. Tire shop across the street from my work wants $45 a tire for mount and balance if I bring my own tires. Seems like a lot of money for a shop to probably scratch my wheels 😂
I used to use Americas Tire. They do not align so these days it's a local shop close to home that is a one stop do it all. I price check and they are competitive and I'm becoming a regular customer.

Motorcycle tires are a whole different deal. I mount and balance my own on all my bikes.
get all my tire work done at a local mom and pop tire shop, have been going there since the mid 1980's ,,if you bring your own tires , $15 mount and balance , if you buy new tires there , no charge for mount and balance...yes I checked into it and absolutely no charge to mount and balance, no hidden charges
The Walmart in my area was doing it and now wants $25/tire.
$12.50/tire if you buy from them.
Lately, I've been using a mobile tire installer with Road Force Balance aboard his truck...$30/tire.
I buy my tires at my local Ford dealership. I can get a good deal on new tires and don’t have to deal with the headache of online buying and searching for someone to mount them.
Anything that I buy online (new or used), I have my mechanic mount and balance.

When I take advantage of the "Buy 3 get one free" at the farm supply store, they require that you pay for them to mount and balance at $15 per.
I my area it is $25 dollars per tire and three dollars each for disposal of old tires. I use a family owned service garage.
Seems like a pretty good deal. No rebates or other bs.


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I may use my local and good Discount Tire for 'standard' buy/mount/balance. If there is 'something' outside of their probably lawyer driven 'rules' I will use a good indy shop. Both are comparable with price in mount/balance. $25 and $3 tire disposal.
I use Walmart because they actually torque the wheels properly and don't just throw an air gun at them. The price is good, but the lines are too long. 4-hour wait and over a dozen people waiting in line when they open
I haven't had to in a long time, but I'll probably go back to Mercedes. They treat me fair on tires and with run-flats and internal pressure sensors now it just makes the most sense to me.
I get mine done at a local mom and pop shop for free. I helped the owner with his hobby stock track car to gain a little more power and keep him from exploding rear ends. In exchange, he hooks me up with free mounting and balancing plus other small things I need.