What power steering pump for a GM truck?

Dec 7, 2012
I am replacing the sloppy OE steering gear with a blue-top box on my 2005 Tahoe. New PS cooler, lines and also want to change the PS pump.

What is a good pump these days? Looking on RockAuto, I don't recognize many brands besides WONDERFUL Cardone.

GM pump the only option?

Truth be told, my pump presently is working well and no leaks, but it is rustier than sin and I think it is OE.
I've gotten to the point where the risk is in buying a new one, moreso than keeping the old one if it's working ok.

GM has always had awesome ps pumps in their vehicles I've owned. I'd be literally scared to replace it.

That being said, I think Melling is in the ps pump business now? I'm told they are a big oem mfg and make good stuff, including many legitimate upgrades to factory parts.
Reseal it and go....
Resealing doesn't fix the rust on the reservoir...

OP: the only pumps I've had luck with on those trucks are GM OE units. Not the Advantage line, nor any brand of aftermarket (and I've tried a bunch). New or reman, hands down the OE unit is best.
Isn't the reservoir a separate part bolted to the pump mechanism?
I suppose once you tear it all down for a reseal, you could find a new reservoir and replace it. However, at what point is it more cost effective to just buy a unit? Even if a seal kit and reservoir cost less than an entire unit, a man's time isn't free. Only the OP can decide if the extra time to "rebuild" his existing unit is worth it vs. a simple R&R.
You want to be careful with the reman units that the pressure valve is in fact for a truck, not a car. I ran into this when replacing a pump in my 2005 H2. I also went with a Red-Head steering box.

Please research it but I believe you can buy the pressure valve for, say and Escalade or Tahoe for cheap just in case what you order is not correct. I also ended up finding a particular pump from a van that had an extra vane which made a huge difference in my H2. I think but will not bet my life on it that the pump I ordered was GM #