What Oils do members really want to see tested?

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Mar 17, 2008
I am tempted to do some Virgin Oil samples of oils that appear to have not been tested before but people would like to see.

I was Thinking:

1. Q-Horsepower (Ultimate Durability now?)
2. Maxlife full Syn or Reg Maxlife
3. Synpower
4. A Redline or Amsoil Oil

Probably in 5-30 weights

What would members like to see tested?
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I would like to see a VOA of any API rated SA/SB oils, If this is already posted please point me in the right direction I want a good laugh.
Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5W40 CJ4

I'd also like to see Havoline DS 5W30 but most interested in the M1 TDT
I vote for, in order:

1. Synpower
2. Maxlife full Syn or Reg Maxlife
3. Q-Horsepower

Redline and Amsoil are boutique oils, expensive and hard to get and not many BITOGer's want to spend time and money for these oils, specially with this economy.
My vote goes for Synpower, only because of the rumors that they may have recently changed it (late '08, or early '09). Would like to compare it to the old VOA to see how it compares
I would like to see a CASTROL SYNTEC sample because I'm currently running it now and have stocked up enough for another OC.(COSTCO deal) Also, as said above, the possible Synpower reformulation would be interesting.
I would really like to know how much difference there is in the SL formulations of Shell, Quaker State, and Pennzoil. Did Shell really develop 3 different versions?
Hi, here's my two cents!

M1 10w-30 High Mileage.
Slightly intriguing oil. Lower pour point than many other 10w30s, suggesting a better-than-average base. High HTSH and overall visc for a 30. Despite lack of certs (it's SL) could it be a possible German Castrol rival?? Only two or three U/VOA, with most out of date. Results are somewhat conflicting, with the latest suggesting a possible reduction in once plentiful anti-wear goodies.

QS HP 10W30 (or 5w)
No, or very few, U/V-OA on BOTOG.
With the $10 rebate, it's going fast, but is it any good? I suspect a rather bland additive recipe.

Redline is very good about simply telling you (OMG, what a concept!) what's in their oil. Little need for a UOA, just ask!

Any UOA you decide upon will be most welcome around here! Thanks!
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