What kind of grease are they using? Just curious.

Feb 27, 2018
I work at a paper mill, so lots of big and heavy machinery that is in operation 24/7/365 with the exception of scheduled downtime for maintenance or if something catches on fire or blows up.

I'm not on the same shift crew as the oilers who work in my department but I was curious if anyone could tell me what they might be using.

The grease that I see on our machinery is off-white / yellowish in color, and the "fresh" grease almost looks like white lithium grease, but the older worn out grease on parts that don't get serviced as often is more yellow / brownish and more clear / see-through. Almost looks like used motor oil in a way.

Based on that I am assuming it is some kind of lithium grease, would I be likely correct in that assumption?
Apr 1, 2020
Pacific Northwest
Whatever it is, it would have to be designed to work well in a high moisture environment like a paper mill. Probably with a fairly high temperature drop point to withstand continuous operation, too, of pulp driers and such.

My first guess would be an aluminum complex grease of some sort.
Aug 23, 2020
We use ViperLube on our Presses and I'm guessing the mill uses the same grease. Clean off the dirty grease and reapply is what will make parts last.
Apr 6, 2018
Somewhere in time
I'm not being flippant of your post, so don't get mad. Why don't you ask them and let US know? Maybe leave a note somewhere, or call during their shift.
Right?!?! It's fascinating!
@cwilliamsws6, why ask at a place where people can't possibly know the answer?!?
And seemingly skip your work place which is the only place where the information is available.
Ask the guys doing the greasing.
Make a phone call.
Leave a note.
Write an email.
Ask your boss.
Ask the maintenance guy.
Ask the maintenance supervisor.
Ask the plant manager
Look in the maintenance crib.
Look at the grease gun.

All of these would completely answer the question then, per @JohnnyG's comment, you could tell us what is used and we'll all learn something instead of the standard den of speculation type post.