What is so proprietary about M1 SS formula?

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Nov 16, 2002
Mobil says the SS formula is a proprietary mixture of PAO and other synthetic fluids that make up the SS anti-wear system. Is it really that unique or special that they can't disclose exactly what they are using? Just seems like they are more tight lipped about there formula then say Redline or Amsoil. [I dont know] Trisynthetic used alot of Magnesuim, I guess for cleaning, but what is in SS for cleaning? Do you think SS lacks the esters of Amsoil and Redline? [ April 26, 2003, 08:25 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
didn't Mobil1 develop new ester based components to add to their oils for the ss formula. I think that is the proprietary part of ss. Although I think all oil companies regard their oils as proprietary info and are somewhat tight-lipped, I know I would be if it was my company. AFAIK, Amsoil doesn't use much esters in their oil forumlas , most PAO, so I think Mobil1 would have more esters than Amsoil. No data to back it up, but judging by reports we've heard on this site. Redline by far uses the most esters of any oil in N. America I think. I guess it matters what kind of esters you are talking about as well - diesters or poly.
Amsoil uses PAO and Polyol (noepentane)esters in their Motor oil formulations. I have a bottle of each from them that I use to show people how oils are formulated. Some of their compressor oils are diester's, but their motor oil formulations are predominately PAO and polyol esters. Mola-Kule
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Good point YZ, very true. Maybe it was used in top secret stealth fighters. I think I'll buy some now. [Big Grin]
I wouldn't be surprised to hear M1 SS being more like Pennzoil - having PAO (to satisfy the informed oil buyers) mixed with Proprietary synthetic fluids (group III to reduce the cost of making the oil but charging customers the same amount) ala Pennzoil w/ Pennzane (a few drops of PAO).
No new info here from me, SuperSyn is supposedly a proprietery PAO with a super high VI and apparently (according to Mobil) the ability to protect engines from their Racing Program. We also know that Boron (AW) was increased as well as Calcium, and of course the Moly was added. So the SuperSyn Anti-Wear "system" is the whole Enchalatta (spelling??). I'm sure I didn't answer any questions though. Anyway check this out: http://www.exxonmobilsynthetics.com/Public_Files/Synthetics/Synthetic_Lubricants_and_Fluids/Worldwide/Base_Stocks_Group_1_5.pdf
Mobil just doesn't want people to know that their SuperSyn additive is nothing more than KFCs 11 herbs and spices!! [Big Grin] [ April 28, 2003, 08:49 AM: Message edited by: Patman ]
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