What do you have for a home theater setup?

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Aug 3, 2017
Any other A/V enthusiasts here? Cars are an easy #1 on my "things I find interesting" list, but electronics and specifically HT stuff gets me going almost as much. My main rig: Vizio P602 60" 4k Ultra HD LCD TV Pioneer Elite VSX45 A/V Receiver Sony X800 4k Ultra HD Blu-Ray player Speakers: Paradigm Studio 60 V.2 mains Paradigm Studio CC center Paradigm Studio ADP V.2 surrounds Dayton Audio SUB-1500 15" subwoofer <--- just upgraded from a Pioneer SW8MK2 subwoofer. MASSIVE improvement! The 8" Pioneer was trying too hard in my living room, which is 13x26x8 and open to several other rooms. Bedroom is a lot more boring, 50" Insignia 1080p that I got brand new for a steal, and a Vizio 3.0 channel soundbar mated to an older Sony subwoofer that I found at Goodwill for $7.99. Plenty of sound for a mostly quiet-listening set. So what have you?? Release the A/V nerds!
Samsung 55" 4K High Refresh Rate TV. Sony 7.1 Surround Sound Wifi bluetooth amp that I got for free (long story) Some killer speakers LG Blue-Ray player
I wish I had the funds to invest more into Home Theater, I have an older setup.. nothing that great or high end.. Upstairs I have an old 42 inch LG 1080p TV.. LOL.. with a cheap Monoprice 5.1 setup -- It has done the job, as I have a 1 year old, not like I can turn the volume up too loud.. for the price the sound has been quite decent. Using Monoprice 16 gauge cables. Harmon Kardon AV amp powering it. Sony Blu Ray player. In my basement, I have yet to purchase a TV, but have considered a 65 inch 4k TV.. definitely in my future. Currently there is 55 inch rear projection.. guessing I couldnt even pay someone to help me remove it! I have a Pioneer 7.2 Receiver with Pioneer 7.1 speaker setup designed by Andrew Jones. I plan to get 2nd subwoofer to complete it.. but unsure if I want a BIC subwoofer or another Pioneer 100 watt unit. Using Monoprice 12 gauge cables..insanely thick.. I have plans to renovate my basement to incorporate wiring behind the walls for a cleaner look.. Cant wait to have my man cave ready to go!
Pretty basic setups in both rooms: Living room: Samsung 65" 3D Smart TV DENON AVR-X4200W Bryston 4B Pro power amp SpeakerCraft SC2-100 power amp Klipsch centre channel (powered by the DENON) Paradigm Monitor 11 V7's for mains (powered by the Bryston) McIntosh sub box w/Bravox EDX sub in it (powered by the SpeakerCraft) Bedroom: Toshiba 42" LCD TV Maracus vintage German pre-amp Maracus vintage German amplifier B&W 802 S3's In the process (slow process) of upgrading all the gear in the main room to Bryston.
Currently in my living room: LG OLED55B6P 55" 4K OLED Television LG UP970 4K Blu Ray Player Apple TV 4K TiVo Roamio OTA Denon AVR-S730H A/V receiver Polk Audio Blackstone TL3 Satellite LF & RF Polk Audio Blackstone TL3 Center Polk Audio Blackstone TL1 Satellite Surrounds Polk Audio TL1600 Sub Next stop will be to replace the sub, likely moving to a Polk DSWPRO 550 Eventually this will all be migrated to the basement (which is in the process of being finished) and some ceiling speakers will be added to make it a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos system. In the same space is my hifi rig: Marantz PM6005 integrated amp Marantz CD6005 CD player Music Hall MMF2.2 turntable Bowers & Wilkins 684 S2
In the man cave.Samsung 65" 4k tv. Pioneer vsx 90 receiver.Sony blue ray player. JBL studio old school big front speakers. JBL studio rear speakers. JBL in ceiling speakers. Dual JBL pb12 subs. All a mix of old and new equipment. Totally rocks the cave.
Sharp 70” 4K panel Apple TV Pioneer Elite blu-ray player AudioQuest Cinnamon HDMI cables Bose Lifestyle 650 home entertainment system + dual wireless Acoustimass 300 subwoofers
A nine inch black and white Kmart tv, digital converter box and a coat hanger for antenna.. VHS and Bmax for my viewing pleasure.
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5.1 Polk mains Infinity center Yamaha rear SVS sub 2channel main rig Klaus built Odyssey Khartago extreme amp and Candella preamp on order and being built now Salk Song3 Encore end game speakers for me the wait is killing me.
Old Vizio 60" P-60 (2014 vintage) Pioneer SC-1323-K (SC-72) CV AT-12 CV LS-6C Center Channel Klipsch 300 watt 12" sub Polk T15 Ancient Pioneer 12" floor speakers for rear channels. Sony UBP-X800 My equipment makes me feel old. I bought the AT-12s the same week I went to see RUSH on the Grace Under Pressure tour.
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