What are you listening to right now?

Jun 12, 2007
Anytime you are listening to music whether it be a song, instrumental or ballad and feel like posting it here, let us know what you are listening to. For example:

Band - Song

Let us not make this a music debate thread please!
I was watching Origin: Spirits of the Past and I thought the opening song was interesting so I found it on youtube

I very rarely listen to music in the house, but in my car lately I've been alternating between these 3 CDs:

Metallica-Death Magnetic
Guns N Roses-The Chinese Democracy
Black Eyed Peas-The End
I don't have any music on at the moment, just listening to the woman in the next office gossip. But in my head, to block it out, I'm singing Imitation of Life by REM.
Coworkers talking about a soccer game yesterday.

Now someone's trip to the driving range with his kids.