WD-40 deters wasps!

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May 14, 2013
Roanoke, Virginia
Found this in one of those '1001 Uses For Everyday Items" books. I spray WD-40 on the inside peak and around the inner edges of my storage shed where I used to battle the buggers every year. Just a light mist, and I reapply every 3 months or so. Don't know if its the smell or if it makes it too slick for them to attach their nest, but I haven't been stung on my property in the ~5 years I've been doing it. Works well in the mirror housing and hinge areas of the parts cars too. DO be careful applying it to your house, tho: a buddy who tried it on his eaves ended up with a discolored blotch on vinyl siding. I'm in SW Virginia: no idea how well this may work in other climates. Cheers! Scot
Every tool box should have some, but I don't use it as a penetrating oil. On older cars, the best thing it's good for is to use it to dry out a wet distributor cap. Do you know that poultry owners use it to stop scaly leg mites on their birds? (Google it)
I haven't bought any since I discovered PB in the 90s-then Kroil a decade ago. Very occasional use as starting fluid for my 30yo diesels. So, it was nice to find a use for the 5-6 cans which always seem to be stashed around my place in odd corners.
I found wasps at my daughter's apartment the last time I was there and all I had was a can of el chepo Walmart spray lubricant and that did the job as well. It seems one of the grandson's get stung at least one tme during the summer so I decided to put a stop to that. I found they were builing palm sized nests under every overhang on the decks.
WD40 can also kill roaches. It takes some spraying, but it does dry them out. Likewise, PB Blaster sort of hyper-lubricates the roaches, then kills them by penetrating into their insides.
wd40 will kill them quickly and incapacitate them instantly by fouling their wings. soak em good and then the nest.dont stand under the nest when you spray as they will still be in good enough shape to sting for a while.and they drop on your head if you are under the nest! do it after dark while everyone is home. has worked for me for many years now.
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