Walmart HyperTough Power Tools?

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Jan 31, 2006
Are they worthy competitors of the Chicago Electric tools at Harbor Freight? Last week on black friday I bought a 120V/2A vari-speed, oscillating multi-tool kit at HF for only $25. Today at WM I saw a very similar tool, for $19 (did not include any accessories). The Chicago Electric tool comes with a 90 day warranty, and the HyperTough tool comes with a 2 year warranty. The cashier at HF did offer me a 2 year extended warranty for an extra $20. No thanks! smirk
It does seem like the perfect brand for a hyper, tough man-child as he spazzes around underneath a 20 year old Volvo. I actually got a set of their wrenches for my kids last Xmas... they sit unused but seem like they'd work in a pinch. Strength is there, the chrome is awful though.
I have a little plastic sabre saw from WM that I only use on sheet-rock. Been using it for years. It will not quit. I think it was $19 years ago. Never saw another. Sometimes you can get good stuff ... It's a roll of the dice laugh
I have the Hyper Tough 6A angle grinder that I use for sharpening my mower blades. It was $14 on sale at WM and I have had no trouble with it. My local machine shop charges $8/blade for sharpening mower blades so the grinder more than paid for itself before I even got done with one of my mowers.
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